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PSA says Rotorua District Council workers want jobs, not sympathy

The PSA says the 66 Rotorua District Council staff set to lose their jobs want to keep working for the good of their community, and sympathy from Councillors won’t pay their rent or feed their families.




Rotorua District Council has announced a major restructure of the organisation, which will include job losses



Dalton fires blast as debate reopens – Hawkes Bay

The amalgamation debate will be reignited as the Local Government Commission hears submissions on its controversial proposal to merge Hawke's Bay's five local authorities into a single region-wide council.


The Napier City Council's claim that its ratepayers will be laden with Hastings' debt if the two areas amalgamate is a sham and Napier's ratepayers are already paying more to service debt than their Hastings counterparts, according to a chartered accountant.



Fight looms over council budget - Christchurch

Divisions are emerging between senior Christchurch city councillors on what do about its financial predicament.



Deputy mayor 'spooking' residents over super-city – Hutt City

Lower Hutt residents are being unnecessarily spooked by their deputy mayor about a potential Wellington super-city, a pro-amalgamation group says.



PSA: Bay of Plenty council merger must be evidence based

The PSA is calling for a cautious approach and extensive consultation before any possible amalgamation of the Tauranga City and Western Bay of Plenty District Councils. This follows a proposal by local business people to amalgamate the councils in time for the 2016 election.



"Local Govt Act changes undermine democracy”

Changes to the Local Government Act will undermine local democracy and concentrate power in the hands of a few, said the Green Party.