Stand Together for our Local Heroes

We are profiling PSA members who do great work in their communities - tell us who is your Local Hero!

coverpic rgbEvery community and every workplace has its heroes. They’re the home support worker who does their job brilliantly and coaches kids’ ripper rugby at the weekends. The vision and hearing technician who always bakes for birthdays and organises the Christmas do.  Or the Work and Income staffer who’s always ready with a hug and makes sure the printer always has toner.

These are the people who make a difference every day, and they’re the stories we want to tell.

We want to hear about your Local Heroes. Send us a photo of you with your hero and tell us why they rock your world. 

Let us know who your local hero is by sending a short blurb and a photo or two to We want to tell your stories, and those of other members so that everyone can see what a difference you make every day. (We’ll always check in with you first before using any images that you’ve sent in.)