Make an informed vote in the local government elections

Local elections aren’t very sexy, but they are very important!

Do you care about transport, housing affordability, health services, parks, libraries, and the employment conditions of many thousands of PSA members? Local elections determine how our towns, cities and hospitals are run.

Voter turnout for local elections is appallingly low, and young people are particularly bad at voting.

Local elections can be confusing – it’s hard to know who all the candidates are, what they stand for, and how voting works:

  • This website has useful info on the electoral system and the candidates in your area.
  • The PSA has two leaflets about some of the issues to think about when you vote: one on councils and one on DHBs.
  • Election forums are a great way to hear from the candidates and put questions to them. If you’re Auckland-based here’s one to put in your diary: Youth and Living Wage Local Government Candidates Forum 24 September, 12.30-1.30pm Auckland University Quad

Postal voting takes place between 20 September and the 12 October. Enrolled voters should receive ballots within a couple of weeks. If you haven’t enrolled at your current address you’ll need to request special voting papers.