MBIE and IR strike action

Why are PSA members at two core Public Service agencies taking strike action? We've got the answers here - along with info about how you can get involved

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MBIE members strike, November 2015

PSA members at Inland Revenue (IR) and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) are taking strike action on Monday 9 July between 1 and 3pm. There is a further 2-hour stoppage planned for Monday 23 July.

This isn’t a decision our members have taken lightly, but they feel they have no choice but to take industrial action. To put it into perspective, members at IR have not taken strike action in 22 years.

How can other PSA members (and non-members) show support?

If you can, come and join in at one of our actions on the day. There is a full list here.

Send a message of support to our members at MBIE and IR by email - they'll appreciate it! 

Send an email to MBIE’s Acting CE Carolyn Tremain and Commissioner of Inland Revenue Naomi Ferguson telling them you want them to give their staff a fair deal.

Here's what we're striking about

A fair and transparent pay system

We don’t want performance pay or unfair systems that mean people have to move jobs to get better pay. At MBIE, it can take 20 years to move to a pay rate that reflects you are “fully competent” at your job.

A modest across-the-board pay increase to reflect the growing cost of living

Everyone knows the cost of living is increasing, and public servants are feeling the pinch just like everyone else. We’re asking for a small across-the-board pay rise for our members.

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PSA National Secretary Erin Polaczuk at MBIE strike, November 2015

Respect and fairness

MBIE’s last offer to our members was that they should work longer hours for the same pay – not the sort of offer you’d expect from an agency that’s meant to advise on good employment relations.

Meanwhile, IR’s much-heralded new computer system is not coping, and untrained staff are being put onto phone duty – facing frustrated and angry clients, in the knowledge that by 2020 IR wants to shed a third of its staff.

Both employers say they don’t have the money to pay our members what they’re worth. But IR just returned $29 million underspend to the Government, and has a forecast 5% underspend for next year. MBIE spends many millions on contractors. They’ve got the money.

Our members deserve better than this.

What have the employers done?

Our bargaining teams at both IR and MBIE have taken part in lengthy negotiations, but the employers are refusing to budge. This isn’t in line with the new Government’s expectation that public service employers should set an example and negotiate constructively with unions.

How do we want the employer to respond?

We would like MBIE and IR to come back to the negotiating table, ready to listen to our members.