Member Q&A - Bronwyn Presland

Each month we talk to a PSA Youth member and find out about their work and passions.

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Bronwyn PreslandBronwyn Maxwell, Executive Assistant / Visits and Events Coordinator, Parliamentary Service, Wellington

What were you initial thoughts on signing up to do this Q&A?

What has Asher [PSA communications advisor] got me in to! I don’t like talking about myself really so hopefully the below is actually interesting or useful to PSA members.

What is your job and what do you do on an average day at work?

I’m just in the process of changing roles in Parliament. I have been an executive assistant (EA) for two years to a Labour MP and as of next week I will be Visits and Events Coordinator in the Office of the Leader of the Opposition.

The EA role is managing an MP, from her diary to correspondence, portfolio work and everything in between.

As Visits and Events Coordinator I will have responsibility for organising the leaders schedule and events all over New Zealand.

What was a highlight at work for you in the past month?

I love doing portfolio work, recently we got an answer to a Written Parliamentary Question that indicated the Government hadn’t told the full story. It was exciting both to break this and to feel like we are helping people with our work.
What would you say is the hardest thing about your job?

Politics! So much of it is knowledge of the people, the place and the history. It is also an extremely busy environment but people who thrive here tend to love that challenge.

What do you enjoy about being a part of PSA and PSA Youth, and what brought you to join?

I’m a firm believer in unions and what they have achieved for workers. We also work in a notoriously unstable environment so the support is doubly important.

What is your vision for young members of the PSA?

To grow union membership and achievements for the next generation. Lots of young people don’t know a lot about historical achievements of the unions and I hope we can help them appreciate the importance of being a member. 

How do you like to spend your time outside of work?

Socialising (much of it with my workmates). I also volunteer for an organisation the runs international children’s camp and love the travel this allows me to do.

What cause would get you out on the streets protesting and why?

Workers rights. Womens rights. Child Poverty are probably the biggest three. 

Which three figures from past or present would you invite to your place for dinner, and why?

Kate Shepherd

Helen Clark

Helen Kelly

What are your three pet peeves?

I’m a bit of a clean freak. Bad formatting also stresses me out and a messy desk!

What advice would you give your 16 year old self?

Value yourself. Never underestimate what you can achieve if you set your mind to it and don’t let other peoples opinion set your image of yourself.