Member Q&A - Laurenda Jawan

Each month we talk to a PSA Youth member and find out about their work and passions.

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Laurenda JawanThis month we catch up with Laurenda Jawan, Mental Health Nurse.

What were you initial thoughts on signing up to do this Q&A?

Um… now I have to try and look interesting! Lol

What is your job and what do you do on an average day at work?

I am a mental health nurse in an acute inpatient unit. Average day at work varies remarkably depending on our client as well as staff mix. Generally my role involves a lot of liaising, communicating with service users, their families and doctors. Assessing client’s mental state as well as a physical assessment of them is a must. On top of that there is administering medication, making sure the environment is as safe as possible and then responding appropriately when challenging situations occur.

With all this seriousness, most would agree that a sense of humor is a must in our job! :)

What was a highlight at work for you in the past month?

I’ve been on holiday the last month, that’s a highlight! Lol no generally there’s a lot of reward in my role, mostly it’s great when service users get discharged! They are usually so happy. It’s great.

What would you say is the hardest thing about your job?

The need to respond quickly to very challenging situations but thankfully it gets easier with experience.

What brought you to join the PSA and the PSA Youth network?

I joined the PSA upon commencing my employment with the DHB. Most people do.

The Youth network was then recommended to me through our PSA organizer during our delegate meetings about a year after I joined.

Name one (or more) things you like about the PSA Youth network

It means more opportunity to be involved in things.  There’s a large amount of enthusiasm from all members involved, it’s quite contagious :)  Plus the conference last year was great!

What is your vision for youth in the PSA?

It would be great to have a bit more collaboration between PSA (big network) and PSA Youth as there are great things we can learn from our more experienced members. Like a mentoring system that ran between the two to encourage more active involvement of youth members in their workplaces.

How about when you aren't at work?  What else do you like to do with your time?

Ah, there is such a thing as spare time? :) Time not at work would mean that I am home baking! My latest and greatest hobby!

What are your three favourite foods?

Firstly ANYTHING cooked by my mother.  Sadza is great. Traditional food of where I’m from.

And any dessert.

What are your three loves?

A good laugh.  A good read...and a tropical island… :)

What are your three pet peeves?

Repetition.  Constant sniffing.  Litterbugs.

What advice would you give your 18-year-old self?

At 18 I was working in logistics, unsure if I would go to uni. I got great advice from my brother. He asked me if I wanted a job or a career.

I would say remain focused on your goals, be patient, if you start something finish it as there is no such thing as wasted education. All knowledge will assist you in some way!

Another thing I find quite funny is that around 18 I visited someone in a mental health unit, I remember thinking, gosh I hope I never have to go back there. Then 5 years later I found myself thinking that being a nurse in a mental health unit would be my dream job and I was so excited to start work there as a new graduate. Now its some years later and I still love my job. I guess we never really know what life has in store for the future.

Anything else you would like to add?

I find that a lot of people say – I don’t know how you can do a job like yours – but actually I think to myself, you’d be surprised what you can do when you actually put your mind to it.