Member Q&A - Nicole Gallagher

Each month we talk to a PSA Youth member and find out about their work and passions.

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Nicole GallagherNicole Gallagher, Child Youth and Family, and Student

What were you initial thoughts on signing up to do this Q&A?

How can I make myself sound interesting!
What is your job and what do you do on an average day at work?

I resigned from my full time job at Probation last year to study.

I am studying full time and alongside that I am working casually at Puketai (CYF Home) in Dunedin and doing a Clinical placement one day a week.

What was a highlight at work for you in the past month?

My highlight was getting my placement in Dunedin called Adventure Development. The staff are so inspiring and it feels amazing to feel valued.
What do you enjoy about being a part of PSA and PSA Youth, and what brought you to join?

I felt that I was really lacking in leadership opportunities and training while I was working as a Probation Officer. I was reading an email one day about some leadership training through PSAY and was instantly drawn. I have now been away on the Leadership Training, Hui and Standup x2.  My passion for unionism has grown so much.

Reflecting back I have also meet some incredibly inspiring people!
What is your vision for young members of the PSA?

Growth. I would like to see more young members joining but would also like to see current young members getting out of their comfort zones and putting their hand up for more.
How do you like to spend your time outside of work?

I am pretty lucky at the moment. I am out of work a lot. It’s pretty cool being back at University as an ‘adult student’. I also love walking my two dogs and shopping… I love OP shopping!
What cause would get you out on the streets protesting and why?

Animal Cruelty/testing sprung to mind first. I have been reading more and more articles recently about animal testing. It makes me sick that people are still doing this, and that consumers still buy the products. In saying that any worthy cause would also get me out there!

What are your three pet peeves?

Just 3? I have so many!

  • That weird cough people do in quiet public places
  • Peeing on the toilet seat/leaving it up
  • Spitting

What advice would you give your 16 year old self?

Be single for the next 6 years!

Inspiring quote

"A woman is like a tea bag – you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water."

 - Eleanor Roosevelt