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My sister just sent me a picture of her from an article yesterday while she was in full strike mode in Wellington and I just feel so proud of her! And all of you who are standing up for what is right and good! 


I witnessed the Auckland strike action the other week and heard some people in my office saying it was a waste of time. I shut them up real quick! It’s because of people like that that you have to do this! So don’t give up and don’t let the many negative voices around you tell you to pack up and get back to work! The work you do is important and you should be rewarded accordingly! You all deserve better! So chin up, get your sign boards out and fight Fight FIGHT!!!


Kia kaha e hoa mā!!!!

E ngā kaimahi o te ao katoa, whakakotahitia! Kāore he mea ngaro, ko te ao katoa e riro mai.

Workers of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose, you have the world to win.

To our fellow PSA members in IR & MBIE, I fully support your
Industrial Action. UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL. Good luck and all the Best

Stand strong & together all you IRD & MBIE people.  Your fellow members around the country support you.

Dear IRD and MBIE PSA members

Just to let you know that I support your industrial action. I know it hasn't been taken lightly - public servants are usually reluctant to do this but sometimes remuneration systems are structured so unfairly and unreasonably that there is little option.

With best wishes for today

IR and MBIE strike 23 July - Stand Together


Just a quick email sending my support to the hard working men and women who deal with our taxation systems supporting Kiwis and New Zealand. 

Good luck with your actions on 23 July. 

Hope your employer plays fair and negotiates better pay and conditions for your teams soon. 

Big shout out especially for the Invercargill Branch Team who work very hard and are pleasant to deal with. 

Just a quick word of support and gratitude sent on to those MBIE workers about to Strike on 23 July 2018. 

Thanks for all your hard work for New Zealanders and good luck with all your Strike Actions. Hope the employer plays fair soon and negotiates fairly to support your pay and conditions

I would like to express my support for PSA members taking industrial action on 23 July.

PSA members at IR and MBIE were reluctant to take this decision, but they feel you have left them no choice. They came to bargaining with two modest requests: fair pay systems, and a small across-the-board pay increase to reflect the rising cost of living. These reasonable requests have been consistently refused, and attempts to negotiate have failed.

This strike action is a last resort. PSA members are asking you to come back to the table ready to listen to their concerns and to negotiate properly. Please listen to what they’re saying today and come back to the table ready to negotiate properly.

Kia ora te whanau nga mihi nu-nui kia koutou katoa

Te tautoko ahau kia koutou ki roto I to mahi.

Naka Noa.


Hi comrades

Union members are strong together! Remember you have the power to bring the change you want.

As a community support worker and union member, I am proud that we have finally achieved a decent rate of pay after fighting for many years. Our unions stood with us all the way!

If we stand together, we have the power to change things for all workers!


Kia Ora,

I would like to offer my support to the striking members of MBIE and IR this Monday. The pay gap between workers and CEs in New Zealand is unfair and unjustifiable. Congratulations to those members who have come to this brave decision.

Know that PSA members like myself stand with you.

Kia kaha my fellow workers - you have my support.  

It’s a shame when negotiations aren’t as reciprocal and insightful as they could be and we are
forced into action.

I really encourage you to stand tall & stick together with PSA & commend you for going on strike.

I've faced my own set of challenges within the workplace and am very pleased to have the PSA behind me...they really are fabulous!

Unity can bring about positive change.

united we stand, divided we fall’ – you all have my support in your quest for fair pay and

Kia ora Koutou
The Public Service Association’s State Sector committee sends a message of solidarity and support to our colleagues in MBIE and IRD in your fight for better pay provisions and working conditions.
Me mate ururoa kei mate wheke
Have courage like a shark, not like an octopus
I roto i te kotahitanga

Members of Te Kahurangi Māreikura, the TEU’s national women’s committee join in supporting PSA members working at the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment and Inland Revenue as they come together to take action to secure fair pay and working conditions. Staff at both MBIE and Inland Revenue work hard every day to ensure our Public Service meets the needs of individuals, communities, businesses/industry and service providers. As citizens, tax payers and union members, we appreciate the work they do and offer our solidarity in the days and weeks ahead. Kia kaha, kia maia, kia manawanui!

I’ve been asked to pass on a message to from the ACC NDC and Bargaining team to the members at IR and MBIE to say that they are with them in solidarity and one 100% behind the industrial action.

I am so honored to be part of the team and as a member, voicing our rights as an employee and living in New Zealand with the high cost of living is alarming. Expenses and rent are something they should consider plus high prices in petrol. Hopefully they would pay attention to every detail and realize that what we pay in government taxes are something that we work hard for

 Proud PSA Member here

Hello fellow PSA members at MBIE and IR.

I support your decision to strike on Monday 9 July. Stand tall.


We public servants have had enough of being told to do your job or move on   it is time we were treated fairly. Why should you expect less just because you work for the government. Stick to your principles  fight the good fight you are on the right side.  We are behind you.


I stand fully behind you for not accepting performance pay.

Hope the weather is kind to you all.


Kia Kaha MBIE & IR whanau!!


We have been taken for granted for too long.


To all PSA members at IR and MBIE,

 I would like to pass my support to all of you for going on strike. You are aiming for something totally understandable and reasonable, and as another PSA member I am completely behind you. Unfortunately I will not be able to come to the strike, but I wish you good luck and hopefully the strike is successful.

Best wishes


Kia kaha! 

Stand strong and don't back down. 


Hi colleagues,

Its always a shame when you have to strike but you all deserve better than many years before you are paid full salary, miserable salary increases and difficult working conditions under threat of redundancy.

 Kia kaha and hope you get the employers back to the table quickly.


We need to stand together to support each other in the bid for better pay.  Who can live with the cost of housing, rentals and the ongoing costs of food, petrol transport, power, water ETC with no relief.  This is not WORKING TO LIVE this is LIVING TO WORK.  It needs to be rectified. 


Great JOB!!!!! Keep it Up!!!


Our work performance is never in doubt, if it was, we’d be dismissed or restructured out of our jobs.

It’s time we minions were recognised for our hard work. If it’s good enough for management (we hard workers make incompetent managers look good J) it’s most certainly good enough for the minions,

 Standing with you guys, best wishes.


Hey everyone,

It’s about time we let our employers know that they have been changing everything on us, new systems, etc,

But they refuse to change our PAY.

I see young families who are so proud that they have been doing it, feeding their kids, clothing their kids, working all the hours under the sun to pay everything they need. AS IR or MBIE employees they should not have to be struggling so much.

So I say let’s join up and go tell them that we won’t take it any more.  We want to be paid a fair wage.

 I back us all – both IR & MBIE

 See you all on Monday

 Be Strong we are with you all the way


Totally agree that performance based pay doesn't work and that it's an unfair system. As a manager in another Public Service organisation I can say that the annual performance rating is the worst part of the job. People feel devalued and are less motivated to work hard unless they get 'exceeded' which is extremely hard to get. Go guys and make a difference for us all.


IR workers you have my continued support for your strike action. You need to take this action.


These performance reviews and remuneration systems have been getting progressively worse for many years, and it’s about time we all held our employer to account. You have my full support, and may your efforts show the most positive of returns.


Stand strong – together we make a difference.


Tēnā koutou fellow PSA members,

Know that you have 65,000 members who fully support your strike action!

Every employee deserves a fair and transparent pay system and a decent pay increase to reflect the growing cost of living.

The inequity between the pay and working conditions of front line staff, in comparison to the top brass, NEEDS to be addressed.

KIA KAHA! Stand Strong! We are behind you 100%! <3 <3 <3

 GO GO GO fight for what is Right!

Stand strong and our thoughts are with you. 


Just a call to show my support for PSA members on their salary issues

I fear like MBIE and IR, my workplace will go down the same road, with derisory offers around the 1 to1.5% salary increase (0ver 2 yrs.).which will be eaten up  past cost of l8iving, and what about the expected Fuel increases.

Hopefully, MBIE and IR see sense in completing negotiation to all parties satisfaction.


You deserve a transparent pay system that treats everybody fairly.


Hello fellow PSA members, I just want you to know you are supported and let you know that the ethical courage you are demonstrating by making this stand is appreciated.


Wishing you all the best, it sometimes takes such measures in order for those that don’t need to worry about rising costs of living cause they can line their own pockets without question.

Katu tahi tatou stand together.


Kia ora e te whanau PSA

I am behind you and beside you 100%!! See you in Wellington


Sending a message of support to all the workers asking for a fair deal from their Government employers!

You are worth more! No one should have to work harder and longer to get what they deserve for the years of hard work they’ve already put in!

Stand strong, and know that your fellow public servants support you!

Good luck and give 'em hell.

Hey guys

I am a delegate and want you to know that we are right behind you.  Striking is never an easy call, but I hope it brings the proper consideration of the issues you have.  Good luck to all involved.


Tēnā koutou katoa

Just sending a message of support for the task ahead to get a fair and transparent pay system for workers in both agencies. Everyone is entitled to be treated with respect and fairness and you all deserve better than you’re getting.

Kia kaha koutou.


Good luck in your endeavours to strike for better wages.


We are all behind you.


Thinking of you all in this stressful time.

I have only take part in industrial action once in my life, but know from that experience how stressful it can be, especially if the employer starts spreading disinformation to the public about your claims.

I am fairly sure that government departments will not stoop to this level. Be resolute and strong and stick to your guns!  


Kia ora koutou

Ka pono i te taha ngā tuahine me ngā tungane ahau

Ngā mihi


I’d like to add my support for this action as it is time we as public servants made a stand.

Let’s hope the government and the public take note and support us too.

I hear a lot of comment of how well we are paid and we shouldn’t be complaining, but I have seen my lifestyle reduce as the cost of living grows and we stand still.

Maybe our stand will also encourage others in both public and private jobs to question “have we really kept pace with the cost of living?”


I support you in your strike action. The new operating model at IR sounds like a nightmare designed to squeeze out every possible saving at the expense of staff – and the customers.

I don’t know too much about the drivers behind the MBIE strike but I’m shocked and appalled at the MBIE contractor spend. This must stop!


Kia ora

Taking that 1st step, Way to go.

Behind you all the way.

Mauri ora.

Just a short note to let you know that I support you in your initiative to strike for fair and
reasonable treatment in this process having just been through the same deal. Good luck I hope things go well for you

To all PSA members at IR and MBIE,

Wishing you well for your planned strike action and the delivery of a fair pay outcome for all concerned!

Kia kaha!


Good on you guys.  Great respect for the stand you are all making.


Good luck everyone on your battle for a fair go. I support your cause 100%.


I’m all for it. All the best and let’s see if real changes happen.

Kia ora to PSA members at MBIE and IR.

Your work is vital to keep neoliberalism and corporate tax dodgers in check! Not paying you properly or understaffing iis not going to help the rest of us.  We need our collective resources to be well staffed and supported to ensure NZ can be a decent and fair place to live and work.

Good luck with your campaign.


My mind is with you all and together we are stronger and we make it!

Kia ora to all my PSA whanau participating in industrial action in the future.

We stand strong with you.

You are an inspiration to us all, and if I and my colleagues could join you and support your efforts then we would

Hang in there we are all with you in spirit.


I know it's a hard thing to negotiate for better pay and working conditions, so I hope it all goes as smoothly and fairly as possible. 

While I cannot be there with you on the 9th, I will be there in spirt.  I will be hoping for a quick and positive outcome for you all.

All the best for your industrial action. Be strong, united and stand tall.  Don't let the buggers beat you.

Hope it goes well for you all – certainly the public service should be a shinning example of staff/employer relationships with fairness being the underlying theme


I fully support the action these people are taking, everyone needs to be valued, it is time to stand up.

Good one.

We stand by you all and congratulate you for the first time in 22 years to take strike action. I too am from a government department and what you are doing now could carve a pathway for us to be heard when our bargaining commences, so we commend you all!.

Stand strong and know we are here for support and donations of needed.

Kia kaha koutou katoa. 

Thinking of you all at IRD & MBIE – we ADMIN/CLERICAL staff support you ALL in your strike and standing up for better wages and conditions.

We too are currently in bargaining and we are also working through an equal pay claim with our DHB’s.



Kia Kaha!

Tu Tangata!

Mauri Ora!


Stay strong and you deserve to paid fairly for the hard work you all do

Tena Koutou E Hoa Ma

Kia Kaha to Mahi

 Nga Mihi

I stand behind my fellow P.S.A. members in their stand to get a reasonable take home pay.

Unfortunately I am unable to be beside them in person, but I wish them the very best in the action they have been forced to take to. May the employers see sense and grant the increase.

I think what you guys are doing is great! Being the voices for those who do not have as much confidence to speak up and about these kinds of things.

Keep doing what you’re doing and I’m sure myself and hundreds of other members will be behind you all the way! I am truly appreciative of what you are all doing

Get that fair payment!

Kia kaha

Kia maia

Kia manawanui.

E tu kaha nei!!

 I support your cause, all the best.


Pay rates are appalling. ..if you work  as an administrator at MSD (example) you should not have to try an interview for the same role at MBIE just to get a better rate of pay. 

I was  made redundant at $50 K at 10 years in an admin role and now work for a government agency on $41K, after a redundancy and temping for 3 years to survive.

Standard admin and finance roles should have the same pay rate NOT B06 or A03 for the same role at different government agencies. This would make life less stressful and life more liveable.

The government needs to regulate pay rates and make them standard across the board


Stand together in union

In solidarity

Stand strong

Sending best wishes to public service colleagues at IRD and MBIE. 100% in support of your decision to exercise your democratic right to withdraw your labour in protest at unfair and unreasonable pay and conditions. Stand tall, knowing that there is huge support for your actions.

Delegate at the Tertiary Education Commission

Stand tall and stay strong!

We fully support you !!!

As a now retired, long serving employee of IR,  I support the action of the current employees.  IR needs to value their staff more and appreciate the changing technical landscape of the job they do.   Better recognition and working conditions can be found elsewhere and  experienced employees will vote with their feet. 


Hi I just wanted to say I support your action for pay negotiations. Good luck.

Kia kaha

Kia ora koutou

A message of support for a fair and reasonable pay system…long overdue!!

United we stand!!

Nga mihi

I hope your issues are taken seriously and the outcome is one you all can accept.

Kia Kaha Whanau

Standing together with you today!

Dear colleagues at MBIE and IR,

KIA KAHA with your negotiations for better pay!

Good on you fellow PSA members– I know how you feel as I have had no
significant pay rise in my job in the 13 years I have worked. I hope you get the outcome you want.


Wishing you all the very best outcome for your strike action this week. 


It is unfortunate that it has come to this.  I know it takes great courage to do so, well done to all of you for being involved and making yourselves heard on these important matters.



Kia ora

Members of Te Kahurangi Māreikura, the TEU’s national women’s committee join in supporting PSA members working at the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment and Inland Revenue as they come together to take action to secure fair pay and working conditions. Staff at both MBIE and Inland Revenue work hard every day to ensure our Public Service meets the needs of individuals, communities, businesses/industry and service providers. As citizens, tax payers and union members, we appreciate the work they do and offer our solidarity in the days and weeks ahead. Kia kaha, kia maia, kia manawanui!

You have my full support and god bless you all.