Response to the MHAI Recommendations

Following the December 2018 release of He Ara Oranga - Report of the Government Inquiry into Mental Health and Addiction, the PSA held a series of forums and surveys to garner feedback on the responses from our members before presenting these to the Ministry of Health.

The release of He Ara Oranga - Report of the Government Inquiry into Mental Health and Addiction at the end of 2018 strongly reflected the need for a reset of New Zealand’s mental health and addiction services.

The Government intends to formally respond to the Inquiry report in March this year.

Prior to this, the PSA prepared a response to the recommendations outlined in the Inquiry report to voice feedback gathered from PSA members working in mental health and addiction services.

The final report

Click here to download the final report, Feedback from PSA Members working in Mental Health and Addiction on 'He Ara Oranga' Recommendations.

The Process

The PSA hosted five regional forums across the country, open to all PSA members working in mental health and addiction services.

The focus of the regional forums was to hear member feedback on the recommendations, whether it be concerns or suggestions for implementation.

An electronic survey was also prepared and distributed to members, inviting those unable to attend regional forums to provide their feedback to the recommendations online.

This feedback was then collated and presented at our National Forum in Wellington on February 22nd, to the  Ministry of Health’s Deputy Director General Mental Health and Addiction, Robyn Shearer. 

Stay engaged

As mental health and addiction services continue are reviewed by the government, we invite you to join our closed Facebook group, PSA Members Response to MHAI Recommendations. This group provides PSA members the opportunity to reflect on the status of mental health and addiction services, and offer feedback and suggestions for the PSA to consider as we continue to work with the Ministry of Health. 

See the tabs below for more information and resources, including copies of the final report and the original PSA submission. 

For more information, please contact Bronte Ammundsen

MHC 22Feb2

The PSA Mental Health Committee members and PSA staff: Fiona Ormsby (PSA organiser), Amanda Martin, Kevin McGorry (PSA organiser), Billy West, Tarn Evans, Andy Colwell, Joseph Waru, Vicki Lewis, Nancy Dally, Allan Franks, Megan Barry, and Bronte Ammundsen (PSA project advisor)

PSA media release - 22nd February

Workforce needs highlighted by PSA Mental Health Committee

Members of the PSA Mental Health Committee from around New Zealand have been meeting in Wellington today to review PSA members’ feedback about recommendations for change in the Mental Health and Addiction Inquiry report delivered to Government in November.

What did the Inquiry set out to achieve?

The independent Inquiry panel stated it wanted to "generate hope" and set a clear direction that Government, the mental health and addiction sectors and the broader community can pick up and implement to improve New Zealand’s approach to mental health and well-being for the next five to ten years. 

On January 23rd 2018 the Government Inquiry into Mental Health and Addiction was announced, reflecting the success of the hard campaigning that PSA members collectively engaged in during 2017.

During the period of April - June 2018, the Mental Health and Addiction Inquiry panel invited interested people and organisations to provide written submissions. The PSA and PSA Youth both entered submissions, which can be seen in the resources tab or the PSA Submissions page.

From May - August 2018, the Inquiry Panel held a series of forums across the country to engage with the public.

Under its Terms of Reference the Inquiry reported its findings and opinions to the Minister of Health in November 2018. The report was then made available to the public the following month, in December 2018.