More vacancies – Wellington convenor and national co-convenor

We currently have vacancies for the Wellington PSAY Convenor and one of the National PSAY Co-Convenor roles.

Ellen Walsh (Wellington) and Maddie Duggan (National) have had to step down from their official PSAY roles due to taking on new jobs with extra responsibilities. Many thanks to Ellen and Maddie for the fabulous work you did in your time in the roles.

At the planning days, the convenors discussed the significant turnover we’ve had within the team lately, what may be causing this and whether there’s anything we can do differently. The consensus was that the turnover has been unavoidable, and mostly due to young members moving around a lot – including overseas, outside of the public sector, into new regions, and into new and different roles. We need to expect there will be turnover, although we obviously want to keep people active and engaged for as long as we can! Thankfully you don’t need to be in a formally elected role to be active – and many of those who have had to step down are still active in PSAY. Thanks to outgoing Auckland convenor Whero West for still coming along to our planning days (he had to step down from the Auckland role due to moving to Wellington).

Are you interested in stepping up to a PSAY Convenor role? Keep an eye out for information in your inbox soon.