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What we are working on -

Auckland Rosters

Interest-based problem solving process to develop one consistent roster approach for the whole of Auckland Border. Status - On hold due to Bargaining

Dog Programme 

Another PSA-led interest-based problem solving process to establish the future purpose of and nature of the Dog Programme. For the PSA this will mean the opportunity to establish a better workplace for members including the conditions, rosters etc that are need by members. Our work is led by delegates Laure Michon and Grace Taylor, Auckland. On-going

Phone allowance buy-out

  • We are still working through concerns from some members who missed out in Wellington and Christchurch

Regional Ports Officers -

MPI has undertaken a review of the role and work of the RPOs. Our work is led by delegate Stuart Hart, Nelson.

  • We have raised concerns about the proposed On-Call process.

  • We want to now negotiate appropriate pay rates for the RPOs.

Wellington Rosters

Wellington BCS delegates have initiated a review of their current roster with the aim to make improvements to it. Our work is led by the Wellington Border delegates committee. On-going