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Our priority in Border - better rosters, roles and training

members only private Facebook group - "PSA MPI Border Staff"

What we are working on -

  • Auckland Rotational semi-permanent positions  - PSA has been waiting for a long time for MPI to introduce semi-permanent positions into Rotational to address the skills and experience problems. MPI has a draft proposal that it is developing. We provided feedback on the idea and process. Last discussion 11 Mar
  • Auckland ITB roster mistake - A major mistake was made with the implementation of the roster (identified late 2019). We have asked for management to explain the extent of the problem and are waiting to hear back (last discussion 11 March)
  • Border Restructure - A major management restructure has been announced.
  • Dog Programme review - A PSA-initiated problem solving process to work out the future purpose of the Dog Programme. This is an opportunity to establish a better workplace for members.
  • Shift leave (FWA entitlements)  - Members believed there were inconsistent practices around FWAs entitlements. PSA received information from MPI, analysed it and established the issue is shift leave not applying for rotating days rosters. We need MPI to agree to pay it in these circumstances.
  • Higher Duties Allowance - PSA doesn't agree with the proposed Guidelines. We have commented and suggested a process to resolve this. (31 Jan)
  • Phone allowance buy-out (since Nov) - Some  members in Christchurch didn't receive the phone allowance while their colleagues did. We formally raised the problem with Mike Inglis, Northern Regional Commissioner in Dec.  He has responded and not accepted the issue. We are considering next steps. 29 Jan

  • Regional Ports Officers - MPI has undertaken a review of the role and work of the RPOs. Our work is led by delegate Stuart Hart, Nelson.
  • Wellington rosters - a change has been requested by management