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#Current news


  • Fisheries Observers - negotiations with MPI took place on 14 and 15 August. There will be an update out shortly
  • New Border Regional On-call Guidelines have been sent to Border delegates for comment
  • Target Evaluators and Support Officers Auckland delegates met together for the first of what will be ongoing regular meetings.
  • The general collective agreement was ratified by over 900 members. The vote in favour was 94%.


  • Bargaining negotiations have finished and members are voting - see Projects and Bargaining page
  • Bargaining round 5 finished - 16 / 17 July
  • Letter from Ray Smith - sent to Border PSA members regarding the bargaining Letter-to-Border-members-19.07.12.pdf - 12 Jul
  • Fishery Observers delegates met with Rebecca Blowes, Director for their regular catch-up
  • Auckland Target Evaluators and Support Officers delegates met to plan and organise - 1 Jul

 #Issues we're working on

  • Border phone allowance buy-out - members who missed out in Wellington and Christchurch
  • Compliance Services - NAIT / pay relativities

#Previous news


  • Fishery Observers Bargaining - next round in August 15 / 16
  • Dog Programme - joint union / management Interest-based Problem Solving process to look at the complete Dog Programme has started. The first round of meetings were 19 and 20 June
  • Bargaining - Next bargaining round (round 5) - 16 and 17 Jul
  • Bargaining - PSA and MPI back in bargaining (round 4) - 12 and 13 Jun


  • Fisheries Observers bargaining [30 May] see Bargaining page for update
  • Bargaining round 3 (20 - 23 May) see update - Bargaining-update-28-May2.pdf
  • PSA and MPI back in bargaining - 20 - 23 May
  • Regional Ports Officer COPS transition - PSA and MPI attended Mediation - 9 May
  • Collective agreement bargaining - resumes on Mon 20 May for four days
  • Fisheries Observers proposed collective agreement - discussions happened again on 13 May and 14 May
  • Auckland BCS roster negotiations - the interest-based / problem-solving  negotiations continued on Fri 3 May. Progress continues to be made.


  • Bargaining - full update can be found on the Bargaining page [24 Apr]
  • Auckland Dog Handers roster dispute - PSA and MPI attended formal Mediation in February and reached a settlement conditional on member support. This support has been given and the dispute section of this issue has been settled. The overall issue of developing an appropriate roster for the Handlers and the Kennel Assistants is been worked on in a high involvement interest based problem solving process similar but separate to the main Auckland BCS roster discussions. [20 Apr]
  • Regional Ports Officer review - Draft recommendations have come out from MPI. [12 Apr]
  • Negotiations 2, 3 and 5 Apr - the PSA bargaining advocates (delegates) and PSA organisers met MPI for three days of discussions. Due to the recent start of the new Director General MPI is waiting for some central government paperwork to be signed off before formal bargaining can begin. We have however already -
    1. heard from MPI on what is happening / planned for the Ministry for the future
    2. presented our key issues (our claims)
    3. had discussions with MPI on some of our key issues including Response payments and processes and Flexible Working arrangements
    4. Spent most of a day working on the GSR pay system with MPI
  • Auckland BCS roster negotiations - the interest-based / problem-solving  negotiations continued on Thu 4 Apr. Progress continues to be made slowly.

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Some highlights

Border Regional Ports Officers pay dispute - RPOs were  disadvantaged with regards to their pay steps following the end of the 2017 bargaining. PSA and MPI have attended Mediation and reached a settlement.

Compliance Services and PSA - regular union / director meetings set up

Dog Handlers roster dispute Auckland - Handlers were moved onto a roster that reduced their days off. PSA and MPI have attended Mediation and reached a settlement.

Fishery Observers and PSA - regular union / director meetings set up

Fishery Observers delegates - union delegate structure set up in Fishery Observers

Support Officer pay jolt - We organised for pay band "I" to be removed, all Support Officers / admin roles  to be moved to higher band "H"and a pay movement to reward experience not recognised historically.