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23 Mar -UPDATES - Bulletin sent to Compliance members

22 Mar - HEALTH & SAFETY - Quarterly National Safety and Wellbeing Committee meeting - PSA attending this meeting in Auckland. A number of issues and matters were discussed. PSA raised the issues of names on infringement notices (see below) and the parking situation at Auckland office / airport terminal

19 Mar -ISSUE - Names on infringement notices - There is a health and safety risk for Border officers having to put their names on infringement notices. PSA has written to MPI to ask for this to be changed. (Phil Hodgson, Auckland)

16 Mar - ISSUE - Quarantine Assistants (QA) pay steps - QAs moved onto COPS last year but they have no progression steps. We are negotiating with MPI to introduce steps (Richard McGuire, Wellington)

14 Mar - ISSUE - Auckland Park and Ride problems - Delegates are running a survey of all members at the ITB to record the travel times and problems getting to the Terminal from the Park and Ride (ITB delegates)

13 Mar - UNION - National Delegates meeting - 13 / 14 March national MPI delegates met in Wellington for their regular quarterly meeting, the first this year. A full report back will be sent to members soon.

13 Mar - DELEGATES - Welcome to Stacey Broom, Senior Policy Analyst and delegate who has joined the National Delegates Committee representing Analysts / Policy. Thanks for getting involved.

12 Mar - PROJECT - Target Evaluators (TE) move to COPS - PSA organiser and delegates have been meeting with TE management and HR to develop a new set of pay steps for TEs. We have developed a draft set of steps and proposed rates. This was done before Christmas. There has been a response back from MPI. We need to meet again with them soon to discuss further. (TE delegates)

7 Mar - UNION / MANAGEMENT - Compliance national catch-up - PSA Compliance delegates Chris Hearfield and Garreth Jay met Steph Rowe on Wed 7 Mar, in our regular PSA delegates / Compliance management national catch-ups. Also present was the PSA national organiser. It was a good productive meeting and PSA values the opportunity to engage with senior management in this way. Our next meeting will be at the end of June in Christchurch.

5 Mar - DISPUTE - Auckland DDH roster - PSA organiser and delegates meet with DDP management to present a new proposed roster. Management are considering it and will respond by the end of next week. (AKL DDH delegates)

5 Mar - PROJECT - Auckland Rotational (Deployment) rosters - PSA organiser and delegates meet with Stu Rawnsley and Merv Alexander. We discussed again the ongoing issue of needing rosters that provide more certainty and stability for Rotational members. MPI agreed that improving work life balance is important and are looking at short term improvements, and a longer term solution (the whole of Auckland rosters project). (Rotational delegates)

5 Mar - ISSUE - Auckland Park and Ride problems - PSA organiser and delegate met with MPI Airport management to discuss. Agreed to put together a joint union / management group to get information on the problems, and then take that to the Auckland Airport company (ITB delegates) [updated - see above]

1 Mar - PROJECT - GSR Pay system review - PSA organisers meet with MPI management late February to discuss the scope of the GSR pay system review. The suggestions from that meeting will be discussed by the MPI national delegates in mid-March and if accepted will be turned into actions and projects. We’ll update you again at that point. (National Delegates)

1 Mar - DELEGATES - New Christchurch delegates - Thanks to these excellent PSA members for putting their hand up for the roles. The new PSA delegate team for MPI Christchurch is: Di Anderson, Vicki Burton, Andrew Dugmore (Duggy), Lizzie Dowling, Mark Stewart, Katie Todd and Robert Wagener. Thanks to members for supporting them, and thanks to our recent delegates for the work they contributed in the role. Much thanks to Kimberley Sell, Popo Loua and Tom Hollings.


Retiring Leave case

In 2017 the PSA had a win against MPI in the Employment Court regarding payment of retiring leave, a grand parented provision in the Collective Agreement.  The finding of the Court was that for purposes of calculating retiring leave a “working day” should be paid as if the day had been worked.  This means that for workers normally working 11.5 hour shifts, payment should be made on the basis of 11.5 hour day, and if they are entitled to regular allowances on top of base pay, these must be included in the calculation also.    

Mail Centre rosters

The PSA had been concerned at recent roster changes at the Auckland IMC and non-consecutive RDOs for members. The PSA and MPI agreed in the new Collective to develop rosters with consecutive RDOs, which are better for members’ well-being. In Feb the Mail Centre announced that consecutive days off would be maintained for members with extra resourcing being brought in to ensure this. Thanks to the IMC management for listening, this is a good result. Thanks to members and delegates for raising it. Non-union / other union staff should benefit from this too, hopefully they are thanking the PSA union.

PSA delegates / Compliance management national catch-ups

At the end of last year PSA Compliance delegates and Compliance director Steph Rowe put in place regular PSA delegates / Compliance management national catch-ups. We have had two so far and they have proved to be productive, worthwhile meetings where we have discussed projects and issues. PSA values the opportunity to engage with senior management in this way.