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#Bargaining news

  • Members meetings Christchurch - Christchurch members attended pre-Bargaining meetings. 5 Mar
  • National Delegates Bargaining meeting - The National Delegates Committee met for two days to finalise the Bargaining claims and arrangements. 28 Feb 
  • Fisheries Observers next dates - the next negotiation dates are set for 25 and 26 Mar 2019. Report back can be found on the Bargaining page - Bargaining
  • Border members meetings Auckland - Auckland Border members attended pre-Bargaining meetings. 11 Feb
  • PSA formally initiated the start of bargaining. 30 Jan.
  • Compliance - Steph Rowe and PSA has agreed to set up a pre-bargaining working group to see if we can address some of the issues before negotiations start. This is an opportunity to sit down with Compliance management and work through some of the issues and get resolutions, to then be checked off by the whole of MPI bargaining team (the National Delegates). 18 Dec
  • Fisheries Observers bargaining - Delegates and organisers met with MPI for the first day of negotiation. A full communication will be out soon. 17 Dec



  • "Future Auckland Border" - The Auckland BCS roster sub-committee met with Steve Gilbert and the MPI team to continue the negotiations on the Auckland Project  [18 - 19 Mar]


  • Target Evaluators meetings Auckland -  members attended pre-Bargaining meetings [18 Feb]
  • Border members meetings Auckland - Auckland Border members attended pre-Bargaining meetings [11 Feb]
  • Dog Handlers roster dispute - PSA and delegates attended Mediation with MPI over one part of the Dog Handlers roster dispute [5 Feb]


  • PSA formally initiated the start of bargaining with MPI [30 Jan]
  • Phone allowance dispute - PSA has accepted in principle the offer made by MPI. Details are being sorted out and information will be sent to BCS members shortly. [23 Jan]
  • Retiring Leave Case - most members should have been written to by now with payment of settlement to be made end of January. [17 Jan]


  • Offer to resolve Phone Allowance issue - BCS management has made an offer to the PSA to resolve this matter. Delegates are considering the offer. 18 Dec
  • Auckland BCS leave freeze lifted - PSA pushed this matter, and its good to see Auckland BCS management lift the proposed leave freeze for next year. 14 Dec
  • Better engagement - following recent meetings with Ray Smith and SLT, PSA organiser and Assistant National Secretary met with MPI HR to work on improving MPI - PSA engagement in the future. 12 Dec
  • Compliance union / management meeting 12 Dec - PSA organisers and delegate met with Steph and HR for our quarterly discussion about current issues. We focused a lot on the upcoming bargaining. There will be a communication out soon for Compliance PSA members
  • Welcome new delegate in Labs / DSS - thanks to Merdith Birrell (Mac) who has stood up and joined the Wellington Labs delegate team. 7 Dec

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Dog Handlers roster dispute Auckland - Handlers were moved onto a roster that reduced their days off from 4 to 2. Talks between the PSA and MPI to resolve this have broken down. There are concerns for the health and safety of the Handlers. The previous Director-General said the matter will be addressed by the Auckland Campus project. There has been media coverage of the dispute. We have raised two legal challenges over the impact of the changes. MPI has agreed to go to Mediation. This does not deal with the main dispute which remains unresolved.

Regional Ports Officer COPS transition - Regional Ports Officers were transitioned to a lower, incorrect step following the end of bargaining 2017. MPI who will not move them to the correct step. At the heart of this is the autonomous,  self managing, all encompassing role the RPOs have and whether it is recognised.  MPI have announced they a review of the role to resolve this. The transition step is still to be resolved and is being discussed by PSA and MPI lawyers.

#Work done

BS&II allowance. Biosecurity Surveillance and Incursion Investigation teams have received increased annual allowances. This increase has come about because the PSA new collective agreement (2017) included an increase in the On Call Duty payments (clause 4.4).

Compliance and PSA. PSA Compliance delegates and Compliance director Steph Rowe have put in place regular PSA delegates / Compliance management national meetings. These have proved to be productive, worthwhile meetings where we have discussed projects and issues. PSA values the opportunity to engage with senior management in this way.

IMC rosters. The PSA had been concerned at roster changes at the Auckland IMC and non-consecutive RDOs for members. Rosters with consecutive RDOs are better for members’ well-being. In Feb the Mail Centre announced that consecutive days off would be maintained for members with extra resourcing being brought in to ensure this.

Infringement notices. For health and safety reasons Quarantine Inspectors do not want to have inspectors names on infringement notices and instead replace names with numbers. PSA members and delegates have been active for a while in raising this issue. On 7 May MPI announced it has started a process to make the change, it should take 4 to 6 months.

Phone allowance - MPI has withdrawn the phone allowance from most Border staff. PSA arranged with MPI to provide a "buy-out" of the allowance, and to backpay members who should have been receiving the allowance over the last couple of years.

Retirement leave court case. In 2017 the PSA had a win against MPI in the Employment Court regarding payment of retiring leave. The finding of the Court was that for purposes of calculating retiring leave a “working day” should be paid as if the day had been worked.  This means that for workers normally working 11.5 hour shifts, payment should be made on the basis of 11.5 hour day, and if they are entitled to regular allowances on top of base pay, these must be included in the calculation also.