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1. Gender Equal Pay work

We raised an Equal Pay claim for Support Officers and staff who do similar work. This claim has been put on hold while the PSA takes a wider claim across the whole Public Service. For a overview of the Gender Pay issue -  "Equal Pay and Gender Pay Equity – PSA experience"

  • We are working to support the wider public service claim including making our members aware of the priority PSA puts on Gender Equal Pay work and the overall work the union is doing
  • We are working on developing a Senior administration role

Our work is being led by delegate Monique Williams, Readiness and Response, Wellington

2. Health and Safety employee involvement systems

Developing systems that really involve and include staff in solving their Health and Safety issues. We are involved in setting up active grass roots committees wherever possible. Current work going on in  -

  • Auckland Target Evaluators, Auckland Border, Compliance Services, Fisheries Observers

3. Payroll

As most members are aware there are a number of issues with the MPI payroll system. PSA is working alongside MPI as they work to improve the system.

Compliance Services

We are working on -

  1. The pay relativity problems caused by the recent NAIT appointments
  2. Whether the senior/rank progression should be unlinked from the COPS scale and aligned more with the CCDF and competencies.

  3. An improved, more active Health and Safety system for Compliance
  4. Payroll issues