Projects and Bargaining

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#Bargaining -

Main Collective Agreement - Apr 2019

The collective agreement (CA) expires March 2019.

Claims - The key draft claims have been prepared by the National Delegates. Information on the process and the claims Bulletin-Bargaining-Nov-2018.docx

Negotiation dates - have been set for 2 - 5 Apr and 15 - 18 Apr 2019

Feedback? - email the PSA MPI national delegates / bargaining team here

Fisheries Observers Collective Agreement  - now

This is a new collective agreement to cover these workers. The key claims were presented to MPI management on 26 Sep. The claims are here -  01-FishObs-key-claims-v6.pdf

Negotiation dates - have been set for 17 Dec 2018

#Projects -

General Salary Range pay system review

GSR is a performance pay system causing a number of problems for our members. We want to see changes made. Initially we are focusing on three areas -

#Labs (DSS)

A union group had been formed across the three main sites to develop a new pay structure. We have presented a draft system to MPI management and are waiting for a response. Oct

Support Officers

- see Equal Pay claim below

#Target Evaluators

We developed a proposed step pay system, this was done by Dec 2017. The discussions with MPI to implement it stalled this year. In August MPI said it wanted to re-start the discussions. We met again with MPI in Sep. We have presented our final proposed steps and rates to MPI (v5) on 21 Nov.

#Rosters in Border

We need to work on existing problems and build better rosters systems for our members. Our key objective is to improve work/life balance for our members. This include reacting to the MPI Auckland-wide Roster Project and trying to resolve the on-going  Dog Handlers dispute - for an update on this see the "News" page.

#Equal Pay claim

We have raised an Equal Pay claim for Support Officers, and staff who do similar work. See the document box on this page for a list of the roles covered by the claim.

- Information has been gathered

- A meeting was held In Wellington on 17 Sep for Support Officer representatives, PSA and MPI to come together to discuss the claim and work on addressing it

- At the meeting we also agreed we would pursue a PSA claim for a Support Officers stepped pay system