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Main Collective Agreement Bargaining

Negotiations with MPI have finished

Following bargaining round 5 (16/17 July) we have reached an agreement with MPI on a new proposed Collective Agreement 2019 - 2021 (new CA). The 2016 - 2019 Collective Agreement (old CA) expired at the end of March 2019. We were bargaining to renew it, organise pay increases and improve terms and conditions. We generally had positive and productive discussions with MPI on most of our issues. Negotiations ran over 5 rounds and started 2 April this year.

Final documents

  1. The terms of settlement (outcome of bargaining / MPI offer) 
  2. The new collective agreement
  3. The meeting powerpoint 
  4. Member bulletin

Bargaining delegate advocates

The National Delegates Committee has a sub-committee to do the negotiations -

Andrew Dugmore (Border, Christchurch), Chris Hearfield (Compliance, Auckland), Chantelle Hurst (Border, Auckland), Laure Michon (Border, Auckland), Dave Nendick (Wellington Head Office), Monique Williams (Wellington Head Office), supported by Gervais Lawrie (Labs / DSS, Wellington) as our GSR pay specialist.

Previous documents / communications

Fisheries Observers Collective Agreement

Fishery Observers haven't got a Collective Agreement. We think they should be able to have the protection and enhanced terms and conditions an Agreement brings.


  • Negotiations with MPI took place on 14 and 15 August. There will be an update out shortly
  • New dates have been set for 15 / 16 August. In the meantime we will be meeting with management about current issues and to do work on any new pay system.
  • Joint PSA / MPI Update, 30 May -  Progress-update-on-Fisheries-Observer-PSA-Claim.pdf
  • The negotiations set for 25 and 26 Mar have been moved back to 13 / 14 May. This is because of delays in getting Govt sign-off before MPI is allowed to formally bargaining.
  • The first set of discussions / negotiations took place on 17 Dec 2018. Report back - Fisheries-Observers-bargaining-update-18-Feb-2019.docx
  • The key claims were presented to MPI management on 26 Sep. The claims are here -  01-FishObs-key-claims-v6.pdf

Gender Pay Reduction work

  • We raised an Equal Pay claim for Support Officers and staff who do similar work. This claim has been put on hold while the PSA takes a wider claim for Health Board administration workers and looks at a claim across the whole Public Sector.
  • For a powerpoint overview of the Gender Pay issue -  "Equal Pay and Gender Pay Equity – PSA experience"

 Border rosters and future

The MPI Auckland Campus Project (ACP) and other discussions around the role of Quarantine Officers.

There are a number of  issues for PSA members in the Border mainly around rosters.

For a list of the roles covered by the claim - 1810-MPI-Equal-Pay-roles-v2.pdf 

Current work -

  • Auckland Rosters - interest-based problem solving process to develop one consistent roster approach for the whole of Auckland BCS.
  • Dog Program - another PSA-led interest-based problem solving process to establish the whole purpose and nature of the Dog Program and what it needs to operate.
  • Wellington Rosters - Wellington BCS delegates have initiated a review of their current roster with the aim to make improvements to it.
  • Regional Ports Officers - a review has taken place.