MPI Union projects

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We have a number of union-wide projects including Equal Pay, Living Wage, and better employment laws and rights 

At MPI we have three main union priorities –

1. General Salary Range pay system review

GSR is a performance based pay system, that causes problems for our members, so we want to see changes made. As a first step we are focusing on four areas -

  • Fisheries NZ
  • Labs
  • Support Officers
  • Target Evaluators

2. Border Rosters

We need to work on existing problems and build better rosters systems for our members. Our key objective is to improve work/life balance for our members.

3. Equal Pay

We have an Equal Pay claim in with MPI and will be involved in any MPI Equal Pay action plan. We have raised the claim for Support Officers, and staff who do similar work for Support Officers. This includes Compliance ASOs.

Collective coverage for Fisheries Observers

Fisheries Observers are not covered by the PSA collective agreement (CA). We have started bargaining for a separate CA for them.