MPI Union Projects and Issues

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At the PSA we want to build a better working life for our members. We have a number of union-wide projects including Equal Pay, Living Wage, and better employment laws and rights Specifically at MPI we have three main union priorities –

1. General Salary Range pay system review

GSR is a performance based pay system that causes problems for our members. We want to see changes made to it

2. Border Rosters

We need to work on existing problems and build better rosters systems for our members. We have told MPI our key objective is to improve work life balance for our members. Our of our key areas of focus are the Auckland Rotational Team (Deployment) rosters which do not provide stability or certainty to our members.

3. Equal Pay

We have an Equal Pay claim in with MPI and will be involved in any MPI Equal Pay action plan. We have raised the claim for Support Officers, and staff who do similar work for Support Officers. This includes Compliance ASOs.

We have two other projects, matters that remained unresolved from the previous bargaining round -

4. Moving Target Evaluators to COPS

5. Collective coverage for Fisheries Observers

Fisheries Observers cannot be covered by the PSA collective agreement (CA). We have started the bargaining process to put in place a separate CA for them.


Auckland Dog Handlers roster - the roster was changed last year. Since then the Handlers have been very unhappy with the roster, in particular the reduction in rest and recovery time. Delegates have put a lot of time and effort into discussions with MPI to reach a resolution. The latest round of discussions are still underway. Issue started in 2016

Incursion Investigation On Call Allowances - making sure members in Incursion Investigations are paid their entitlements under the PSA collective agreement. Last discussion 20 Mar, issue raised Sep 2017

Names on infringement notices - For health and safety reasons Quarantine Inspectors do not want to have inspectors names on infringement notices, and instead replace names with numbers. PSA has raised this and MPI is making the change, it should take 4 to 6 months.

Phone allowance - Some members are not receiving a phone allowance as they are entitled to under clause 7.21 of the Collective Agreement. We have raised this with MPI and asked for entitlements to be paid immediately. Raised May 2018.

Quarantine Assistants pay steps - Quarantine Assistants in Wellington do not have pay steps for progression. PSA is negotiating with MPI around this. We have been waiting since April for a response. Issued raised 2017.

Regional Ports Officers - Regional Ports Officers should have been moved to a new COPS step that reflected their pay steps under the previous pay rates. MPI do not agree with their claim and the issue with our legal team for their consideration. Issue raised Oct 2017

Response payments - There appears to be a difference of opinion between what members and MPI want in terms of payments and TOIL arrangements for Response situations. Delegates have proposed a new clause to MPI, 1 May 2018.

Retiring Leave court case (Dean case) - For a summary of this case see the Achievement section (News page). MPI are calculating the payments that will apply to current and ex employees. The secondary issues (accrual of other leave) has yet to be sorted). Court case  2017.

$750 payment - MPI will not provide new union members with the same $750 payment it is providing to non-union staff. PSA has requested MPI attend Mediation to resolve this. Issue raised May 2018.

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