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Main Collective Agreement

The Collective Agreement (CA) expires at the end of March 2019. We need to bargain to renew it, organise pay increases and improve terms and conditions. Only union members get to have a say on the CA and a vote on the outcome of the  bargaining. Non-union staff are not part of this process. They have to  negotiate individually with MPI.

Steps leading to bargaining

  1. Key claims – out now. See here -  claims-v1-20-Dec.pdf
  2. Details of claims written up – between now and February 2019
  3. Member meetings to discuss claims – Feb / Mar
  4. National Delegates Committee meets in late Feb to finalise the claims
  5. Claims presented to MPI - late Mar
  6. Bargaining will be  2 - 5 Apr and 15 - 18 Apr 2019

More info - B19-pre-bargaining-powerpoint.ppt

If you want to comment on the bargaining or ask questions please – talk with a delegate, or email a organiser, or email the national PSA organiser

What can you do?

  • If there are key issues that are  important to you and your colleagues now is the time to be discussing      them.
  • Organise some representatives / delegates for your work area (if you don’t have already) so they can work      with the other delegates and organiser to get your ideas across
  • Talk with non-union staff about joining the PSA. They won’t be able to be involved otherwise.

Key areas -

General Salary Range pay system - GSR is a performance pay system causing a number of problems for our members. We will be addressing the whole system but have focused on three areas -

- Labs (DSS - A union group had been formed across the three main sites to develop a new pay structure. We presented a draft system to MPI management.

Target Evaluators  - We developed a proposed step pay system, this was done by Dec 2017. The discussions with MPI stalled and then restarted . We presented our final proposed steps and rates to MPI (v5) on 21 Nov.

Support Officers  - see Equal Pay claim below.

UPDATE - One of the main key changes we have been looking for in GSR is the introduction of pay steps. Pay steps would introduce more fairness and certainty to the system. PSA Delegates and members in Labs /DSS and Target Evaluators have done some great work in developing alternative step pay systems for their areas and have presented them to MPI. MPI has responded with the idea of a consistent, GSR-wide set of pay steps. It is good to see this response, if implemented it would go a long way to reforming GSR in a way we and our members could support. Nothing has been agreed or finalised yet but MPI and PSA are committed to discussing this before the bargaining, with the aim of having something sorted  and then signed off in bargaining.

Improving Work/life Balance - We are working on existing problems to build better rosters systems for our members. Our key objective is to improve work/life balance. This include reacting to the MPI Auckland-wide Roster Project and trying to resolve the on-going  Dog Handlers dispute - for an update on these see the "News" page.

Equal Pay claim - We have raised an Equal Pay claim for Support Officers, and staff who do similar work. For a list of the roles covered by the claim - 1810-MPI-Equal-Pay-roles-v2.pdf  .

Information has been gathered. Meetings have been held with Support Officer representatives, PSA and MPI to come together to work on addressing the claim. We also want a Support Officers step pay system.

Fisheries Observers Collective Agreement

This is a new collective agreement to cover these workers.

  • The next negotiation dates are - 25 and 26 Mar 2019.
  • The first set of discussions / negotiations took place on 17 Dec 2018.
  • The key claims were presented to MPI management on 26 Sep. The claims are here -  01-FishObs-key-claims-v6.pdf