Projects and Bargaining

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We have three main projects

 1. General Salary Range pay system review

dollarGSR is a performance pay system causing a number of problems for our members. We want to see changes made. Initially we are focusing on four areas -

Labs (DSS)

a) a union group had been formed across the three main sites to develop a new pay structure.

b) The group has met a number of times and has developed a new pay framework with new pay steps

c) We are waiting to meet with MPI to present this framework an discuss the next steps (Sep)

Support Officers - see Equal Pay claim below

Target Evaluators - we have developed a proposed step pay system, this was done by Dec 2017. The discussions with MPI to implement it have stalled this year. In August MPI said it wanted to re-start the discussions. In the meantime MPI has done some work on addressing the pay relativities. [Aug]

Fisheries NZ -information has been received and discussions are happening with staff and management

2. Border Rosters

calendarWe need to work on existing problems and build better rosters systems for our members. Our key objective is to improve work/life balance for our members.

MPI Auckland-wide Roster Project

- We have written to the Director-General about management comments made at staff meetings that 4 x 4 roster at the Airport would go and a 6 x 3 roster would replace it. MPI has said the comments were not made.

- We have chosen not to formally engage in this project with MPI because we believe the approach is wrong, in particular - problems have not been made clear (making it hard to work on solutions), and member / staff involvement needs to be better.

Dog Handlers dispute - for an update on this see the "Issues" page

Christchurch BCS roster review - There is a roster review process underway in Christchurch. PSA delegates are involved.

Wellington Border rosters - see the "Issues" page

3. Equal Pay / Gender Pay Gap [Sep]

pay gapa) We have raised with MPI an Equal Pay claim for Support Officers, and staff who do similar work (including Compliance ASOs).

b) PSA is actively advocating and lobbying the government on the Gender Pay Gap. MPI is developing a plan to address the Gender Pay Gap in response to this.

c) Information is being gathered at the moment to work on the claim.

d) A meeting has been set for 17 Sep for Support Officer representatives, PSA and MPI to come together to discuss the claim and work on addressing it


1. Main Collective Agreement - expires March 2019

a) Claims

The draft claims will be prepared for the next National Delegates meeting in Oct. Following sign-off from the National Delegates they will be sent to members for discussion and endorsement.

b) Negotiation dates

The first set of negotiation dates have been set for 2 - 5 Apr 2019

2. Fisheries Observers Collective Agreement - new

a) Claims

The key claims have been developed with members and will be presented to MPI management soon. The claims document is on this page. [Sep]