Network Briefs

Women’s Network

This year is going to be a busy one for the women’s network. As the driving force behind the Worth 100% campaign, we’ll be working around the country to make equal pay a reality. We’ll also be focusing on election issues for women this year.

Coming up soon are your workplace’s Annual Members’ Meetings and delegate elections.

If you’ve ever thought about being a delegate, we want to encourage you to step forward! Gender representation is important, and your voice will make a difference throughout the whole PSA.
MP Jan Logie’s Domestic Violence—Victims’ Protection Bill has been drawn from the ballot, which we support.

It is being read in the House on 8 March; International’s Women’s Day. What happens at home affects what happens at work, and these agreed provisions will ensure victims are supported in their workplaces.

Deaf and Disabled Network

This year presents some exciting opportunities for the Deaf and Disabled Members Network. In 2016 Congress passed a resolution that recognised our network as a formal PSA network.

This gives us the power to move our own resolutions to make changes or additions to the rules and direction of the PSA, and gives us official representation at Congress. As a formal network, we have a much greater part in ensuring that the PSA moves continually forward on being inclusive, accessible and positive as a union to meet the needs of our communities.

We have also formed our first committee. Our members are: Candace McCabe, Paul Brown, Jasmin Taylor, Roseanne Boddy, Dave Hati, Claire Vincent, Barbara Cameron, Sean Parker, Martine Abel, April Mae Marshall, Kathleen Crawford, Catherine McHaffie, Jason Watson, Catherine Wickham-Manawaiti and Anthony Seymour.

Congratulations to all the committee members, and a big thank you to everyone who put their name forward to be involved. We had an impressive amount of interest. Check out for full bios and more information about the network.


The Out@PSA network is in the midst of its busiest time of the year. We hosted a stall at the Big Gay Out in Auckland on 12 February where we signed up 14 new PSA members and several new members to the network.

Our entry in the Auckland Pride Parade on 25 February with the theme of Equal Pay was well received. The PSA Equal Pay campaign was championed to 20,000 spectators and 10,000 viewers via live stream. Our entry was one of 61 total entries with 3500 parade participants. A big thank you goes to the many PSA members, staff, and friends who joined us for the night and special thanks to the five fabulous artists performing great women’s anthems. The performers were Amy Lautogo, Dave Hati, Di Boss, Namphon, and Ria Walker.

Out@PSA will host a stall at Wellington’s Out in the Park and join the Wellington Pride Parade on 18 March.

This year the network is developing a new logo. Members have voted on which of three early concepts they prefer, and the winning concept will be refined into a final design. The logo will be used on all Out@PSA materials and to represent the logo in the wider PSA.

PSA Youth

Did you know it’s free for students to be members of the PSA? Now you do! As a growing union, we value the important voices of our young people. All members under 35 are automatically members of PSA Youth, which gets you access to information, events and activities specifically for us. Sign up for student membership online at: