Network Briefs

PSA Women’s Network

Networks womens2PSA Women’s Network is thrilled with the change in government and a move towards a better, more equal New Zealand.

As well as a Minister for Women who actually calls herself a feminist, we have promises of equal pay being addressed and the 26 weeks paid parental leave Bill finally passed.

All up, it feels like the next three years will hold some great wins for women. The network will be there along the way to make sure we’re a part of the action.
We are developing some craftivism banners in Dunedin and Auckland around equal pay.

You can email us at to find out more. Donations of crocheted flowers would be gratefully accepted.

Social Workers’ Action Network

Networks SWANSWAN is running an activist training hui in February next year for people who want to take up different leadership roles in the network. Held from 22-23 February, it will cover a wide variety of topics from recruitment to campaigning, submission writing and collective organising. We will be bringing in internal and external experts to upskill and inspire our members to drive SWAN forward.

SWAN is also collaborating with the Reimagining Social Work Aotearoa collective and others to put together a radical social work conference in March next year (dates to be confirmed) with the working title: EDUCATE, AGITATE, ORGANISE, DECOLONISE. We are excited to be part of co-designing and hosting
this, and look forward to having our SWAN activists engage in this.

SWAN is also looking to partner in the new year with PSA youth to train keen members in delivering education on unions to university students.

SWAN has been doing this very successfully and want to expand the number of people able to deliver it, and look at PSA youth joining us so other students can also get this education.

PSA Pasefika network

Networks pasefikaThe PSA Pasefika network met in Wellington in November. The focus was on pay equity for Pasefika workers.

We looked at the wage statistics for both men and women, which are singificantly lower than average. We discussed the potential drivers for this difference, including the kinds of things that influence the kinds of work and careers Pasefika go into.

Because of strong ties to church, tradition and respect, work is often seen as being about community, and so Pasefika people are well-suited for these kinds of roles in the workforce.

We have a commitment to set up a network in Wellington.

Our four key areas of focus are:

  • The political
  • Connecting with other organisations, networks and campaigns beyond the PSA
  • Key messages
  • Resources

Our next fono is in February 2018 in Auckland.

Are you Pasefika? Want to be in the network? When you join the PSA make sure you tick the “Pasefika network” check box. Existing members can join online through the PSA website. Unsure of your status? Call the Organising Centre on 0508 367 772 and we can help you to sign up. 



Networks OutWe are pleased to unveil our new logo for use in all PSA and Out@PSA branded material.

Our new look connects us to the PSA, represents the diversity of our community, and will be simple and easy to use. We are excited about Auckland Pride Parade in 2018, where we can really show our new look off!

Networks Out BIG