Network Updates - Women's Network

With over 3,300 members, the Women’s Network is our largest opt-in network,
and one of our most active.

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Our union is over 70% women, and so the work done within the women’s network is done by and for the majority of the union. Equal Pay is one of the PSA's four strategic goals, and much of the energy behind the Worth 100% campaign comes from the network.

The committee had its most recent face to face meeting on June 8 and 9, which is a time for people to plan, discuss, and focus on the issues for women ahead of the September election.

Where next for the network

With the big win in April of the care and support settlement, the network is now turning its attention to other occupations that are underpaid because of gender discrimination, and the implementation of gender equity throughout the PSA’s structure.

Upper South Island regional convenor Nancy McShane gave an impassioned speech about why she is putting her name forward for the Admin and Clerical equal pay case. McShane spoke eloquently about the challenges and difficulties in her work, and the reality of facing a working life marred with discrimination and devaluation. Nancy remains dedicated to her work despite the challenges, and is putting her name forward for equal pay because it’s the right thing to do. You can view her speech below. 

Also coming up is a week of action on equal pay from 12 August, which the network will be promoting soon.

Presidential meeting

Janet Quigley, PSA president and former convenor of the women’s network, met with the committee to discuss governance issues. The PSA is committed to ensuring fairer representation of women through all levels of our organisation. Janet’s election as president was a proud moment for the network, who get to support her leadership as well as benefit from her knowledge and insight into the network.

Lobbying MPs on the Pay Equity Bill

The recent women’s network meeting hinged around a visit to parliament to lobby MPs around the Pay Equity/Equal Pay Bill. There are many core aspects of the Bill that we are opposed to, and the committee met personally with MPs of many parties to ensure they are aware of our issues and priorities.

A regional focus

Each committee member is from a different region, which allows the committee to have a spread across the country. In the meeting, discussions of regional equal pay events and regional hubs was raised. It’s a huge focus of the committee to continue to build on activity happening all around the country, and making sure that every PSA woman has a local way to get involved with the network.
If you are interested in being involved in the women’s network, you can sign up online here, by emailing or calling us on 0508 367 772