Budget 2018 - a new approach to public services?

"This is a Government that does things differently," Finance Minister Grant Robertson told New Zealand as he delivered the Labour-led coalition's first Budget.

Here's a link to all the Budget documents on Treasury's website: Budget 2018 

"Budget 2018 lays the foundations for New Zealanders to have better lives in the decades to come. This starts with making sure that all New Zealanders have access to the high quality public services they need and deserve" - Finance Minister Grant Robertson

"We are heartened by this Government's approach .. we encourage the Government to build on what it has started" - PSA National Secretaries Glenn Barclay and Erin Polaczuk

"I am very impressed by what the Government and Finance Minister have achieved today with pretty limited cash flow. In the long run, if they are to fully achieve the platform they were elected on, they must accept we need more tax" - CTU President Richard Wagstaff

“This is a hugely disappointing budget of little imagination from a Government that is borrowing more, taxing more and spending more" - Leader of the Opposition Simon Bridges

“The Green Party has long called for significant funding boosts for health, education and housing. We are proud to be part of a Government that is prioritising core public services with major investments that are long overdue and will deliver significant benefits for all New Zealanders" - Green Party leader James Shaw

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