New PSA Youth structure

One of the goals of hui was to establish some clear rules for the PSA Youth network – particularly around the PSA structure and election processes.

There was a lengthy and robust debate at hui about the best way to structure the team. Ultimately members voted unanimously for the following structure and motion:

  • 7 elected convenor roles, including:
    • Two National Convenors, at least one female (previously one national convenor)
    • A convenor in each of the four major PSA centres: Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin (previously four regional rather than city convenors)
    • A Provincial Convenor, considering issues outside the main centres (new role)
  • The following motion: “That we endorse PSA Youth consulting with PSAY, PSAY Maori and Te Runanga about how best to ensure Maori representation on the PSA Youth committee.”
  • Creation of a wider non-elected PSA Youth committee that any interested PSAY members can get involved in. Members can group as they please including in regions and around issues or projects of interest.

This structure will be reviewed by members every two years, with the potential to create new roles as capacity grows.

We will write up the new PSA Youth rules (including election processes and more details on the structure) and share in a future newsletter.