No easy victory

NO EASY VICTORY a document about the equal pay campaign is now available as an electronic text over at the New Zealand Electronic Text Collection website.

NO EASY VICTORY is a story of assault on prejudice, of arguments over a 'woman's place' and the role of the 'male breadwinner'. It is a story, too, of the dedicated PSA women and men who, particularly through the 1940s and 1950s, conducted a campaign of mounting pressure for equal pay, sometimes halted but never defeated by the forceful opposition of the Public Service Commission and the procrastination of 'supportive' politicians.

Well illustrated with contemporary newspaper extracts, photographs and cartoons, Margaret Corner's book is a readable and lively account of a vitally important piece of New Zealand history — and a reminder that the fight for equal pay is not over. Other victories lie ahead.

The book is available here: