Nurse Maude collective agreement reached

This past January a bargaining team of two workplace delegates, local PSA organiser Mike Chaney, and national Nurse Maude organiser and bargaining advocate Amy Ross reached an agreement in principle with management at Nurse Maude.

Amy says it’s a first for the home support provider and was “one of the most positive bargaining experiences” she has been involved with.

“The inclusion of clauses such as family violence protection provisions, extra sick leave for union members and a commitment to work together to improve the sector make it clear that Nurse Maude and the PSA are on the same page when it comes to the well-being of staff,” Amy says. 

A new qualification-based framework has also been agreed in relation to pay, resulting in a more equitable, transparent and fair pay system.

PSA assistant national secretary Kerry Davies says the agreement was reached in just three days and represents “a good outcome for everyone involved, including the clients Nurse Maude supports”.

The agreement is now being ratified.


This article is from the March 2015 issue of the PSA Journal. You can read back issues of the Journal by clicking here.