NZDF bargaining update

Over March and April, the national delegates, Cheryl Reynolds – PSA national organiser for Defence, and the local PSA organisers have attended members meetings around the country. This ranged from Kauri Point to Burnham.

We had 230 members attend the meetings out of the total membership of 715.  That means we had a 32% turnout. 

PSA membership

At the meetings we discussed with members that we have a potential of another 1200 civilians in defence (estimate) who could join the PSA and the Collective Agreement.  This puts our density of union membership currently in Defence at 37%.  We encourage all members to speak to non-members about joining the PSA and becoming part of bargaining.  Remember if every member gets one person to join we double our numbers and our strength.

Bargaining team

The members who attended the meetings voted over whelming in favour for the PSA bargaining team.  These National Delegates have now been endorsed and will represent the members in bargaining. 

They are:

Robert Sisterson

Peter Crawford

Gordon Flintoft

Ian Morris

Paul Barton

Keith Oldcorn

Priority issues for bargaining:

Of the issues proposed by the national delegates team members were asked to identify their top 3 priority issues.  This is the result from around the country.

  1. Remuneration (fair pay increase for all and living wage)
  2. No Reduction in the terms and conditions of the Collective Agreement
  3. Update Collective Agreement (increase eyewear allowance, include PDP process into Collective and Remuneration principles)
  4. New Section called - Health, safety and wellbeing (process to deal with high workloads etc)

Additional issues raised by Members:

At the meetings members raised the additional issues below.  Your National Delegates will include them into the bargaining issues under the headings below.

  1. Under updating the collective
  • add new section called: Learning and development into the collective
    • Career progression and what that means for members transferring between bases.
  • Under new REM principles add:
    •  process for formal review of job descriptions.
    • Have a discussion on how do members apply for new jobs when they have to move off C – what can be done?
    • Process for current staff applying for internal jobs – can this be done by an expression of interest process rather than full interview?
  • Include a savings clause under part A – which means that if anything is left out unintentionally as a consequence of bargaining (eg information from a clause when updating etc) that the parties can address it at a later date
  • Fix any errors in the Collective from last bargaining (eg spelling or numbers missing)


  1. Under Health, safety and wellbeing
  • access for civilians for time to exercise and gymnasium
  • How to deal with workload creep
  • How to deal with aging workforce
  • Bullying and harassment provisions
  • Civilians being called into the field


  1. PSA Only benefit – something for PSA members only.


Voting on Bargaining issues and voting process

After Easter all PSA members will be sent an email asking them to vote on the bargaining issues and the voting process (60%+1).  Members who come under the coverage of the Collective Agreement need to return their votes within the specified time frame.

Issues to be followed up:

There were a number of issues raised at members meetings and I have forwarded this information to the national delegates and local organisers to follow up. Please contact your National Delegate if not contact is made within the next 3 weeks (longer time frame due to Easter and ANZAC).