NZDF members vote on bargaining for 2014

Over March and April members meetings were run across the country seeking feedback from members on the bargaining issues for 2014.

In the Union News we sent to you on 16 March 2014 we updated members on how these meetings went and what issues would now be incorporated into bargaining.  We are now seeking endorsement of the bargaining issues outlined below and the ratification process (the vote) for 2014.

Only PSA members who come under the coverage of the Collective Agreement are eligible to vote.  The voting will close on Friday 2 May 2014 at 5pm.  See the ballot form at the bottom of this update.

Overview of Bargaining issues for 2014

  1. Updating the Collective Agreement:

This will include:              

  • Updating clauses in the Collective Agreement
  • Increasing eyewear allowance
  • Include PDP process into the Collective Agreement
  • Include REM policy into the Collective Agreement
  • Include new section on Employee, Wellbeing and Safety
  • Include new Section on Learning and Development
  1. Term: To be considered by bargaining team dependant on the package
  2. Remuneration:
  • Fair pay increase for ALL PSA members
  • Living wage
  1. No reduction of the terms and conditions of the Collective Agreement

  2. PSA members only benefit