Opportunity to step up to Public Service Sector Committee

There is currently a vacancy on the PSA’s Public Service Sector Committee, and we’d love a young delegate to step up to this union leadership opportunity!

The vacancy is for a PSA delegate from one of the following organisations:

Ministry of Transport, Ministry for Women, Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, Te Puni Kokiri, State Services Commission, Ministry of Health, Office of the Auditor General, Crown Law Office, Parliamentary Services, Office of the Clerk of the House of Representatives, and The Treasury.

The PSA has five sectors, each with it’s own sector committee made up of delegates in that sector.  The Public Service sector committee considers issues of interest to members in the core public service, and makes decisions about PSA work in the sector. 

You can find some information about the PSA sectors here, and the Public Service Sector Committee here.  You can also read about the role of sector committees on p11-12 of the PSA rules: https://www.psa.org.nz/assets/rules-regulations/PSA-rules-and-regulations-Oct-2014-BOOK-PDF.pdf

The public service sector committee meet monthly by teleconference and in person three times a year.  It is normal to be released on paid time from work to attend sector committee meetings.

If you think you might be interested in this role, please contact us on psay@psa.org.nz, or the Public Service Sector Committee Organiser Kathy Higgins - kathy.higgins@psa.org.nz.