Organisational change

The election of a new government is often accompanied by a new-look public service.

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Reorganising departments and agencies is the Government's prerogative, but it often means a period of upheaval for members, with some uncertainty as well as new opportunities.

PSA members at the Ministry for Primary Industries are bearing the brunt of this change with the Labour-led Government looking to establish separate agriculture, forestry and fishing functions. The setup of a new Housing Commission and the increase in funding for the Department of Conservation will also impact a number of members.

The PSA has a strong and active presence in these ministries. We have a lot of experience in change management as well as departmental restructures and have a well-resourced team to support members.

If you need any support don't hesitate to reach out to your delegates and organisers.

Right now, the PSA is having conversations with employers to ensure the PSA has early involvement in any of the proposed changes. If you have any information that will assist us as we work with employers please feed it through your delegates and if you need assistance or support let us know.

There are of course some bigger questions around existing organisational change programmes, like the business transformation programme at Inland Revenue. We are continuing our conversations around staffing numbers and will continue to actively engage IR leadership on behalf of members.