Our Vision

Election priorities

The PSA will be asking all political parties to support our policy priorities. These policies have the overarching aims of improving the working and living conditions of our members, and building stronger community and public services. They have been developed following consultation with members about what matters most to you.

  • Cost of living: social, economic and employment legislation must be designed to reduce inequalities, boost the productive capacity and capabilities of New Zealanders and deliver economic and social justice. Our policy priorities in this area are: equal pay, the reform of employment law to lift minimum conditions and strengthen collective bargaining; fairer taxation and the introduction of a universal family support payment.
  • Housing: we want to see the integrity, dignity and value of the social housing sector restored. Significant state investment in housing is required to boost supply. Social housing policy, provision and management should be combined in a dedicated public service social housing agency. Tenancy laws also need to be reformed to give greater security and protections to tenants.
  • Equal Pay: this is one of the PSA’s four strategic goals. We want legislation introduced that makes it easier for workers and their unions to resolve equal pay claims, honouring the equal pay principles agreed by the Joint Working Group on pay equity in May 2016.
  • Health: New Zealanders are not getting the health care they need. The PSA is working with other unions to make increases in health funding a priority in election year and beyond. We are calling for a substantial increase in government health funding to account for the cuts that have occurred over last 8 years and to meet the growing unmet need. 
  • Public Sector (includes public services, the state sector, DHB and Local Government sectors): A strong public sector is fundamental to a thriving democracy and strong communities. We will argue for sustainable funding of public services; placing citizens at the heart of public services; a new spirit of transparency and openness of government; and recognition of public servants as professionals with an essential constitutional role.
  • Community sector: We want to see the introduction of public interest testing before any public services are outsourced. And we want to see responsible government commissioning and procurement processes that ensure decent employment conditions for community sector workers. 
  • Local Government: Our priorities include: all councils to be living wage employers; reviewing the constitutional status of and funding model for local government; keeping services in-house; and restoring the four well-beings to the Local Government Act
  • Tax: The PSA supports the principle of progressive taxation, both as a means of ensuring the fairer distribution of wealth, and because it sustains strong public services. We think current tax settings place an unfair burden on low to middle income earners and this needs to change.
  • Social Security: The PSA supports a fair social security system that enables people to live with dignity and to enjoy full social and economic participation, regardless of their employment status.