Pay the job, not the gender

The PSA together with NZNO and the SFWU are urging politicians to sign up to protect equal pay.


We’re relying on you is a campaign to help end gender-based pay discrimination.

We believe everybody’s pay should be based on their skills, responsibility, effort, and conditions of employment, not who the job is done by. It's a simple conceptThat’s what the law says too

We need all women MPs to pledge to never, ever support gender-based discrimination of pay. We hope we can rely on each of them to understand that women’s work is just as important and valuable as men’s, for everybody in their communities. When workers get paid less just because it’s ‘women’s work’ everybody who relies on that worker is also being short-changed. If all women MPs sign up, we can rely on parliament to uphold paying work fairly, no matter who’s doing the job.

Send in your own letter here, and join us in supporting pay for the job, not the gender.