Post Election Update

A note from Erin and Glenn on what's happening between now and October 7 when the special votes are counted.

Post Election SharableThank you to everyone who volunteered their time, as a PSA member or otherwise, to advocate for issues of importance to union members this election.

So many of you are staunch advocates for the causes you believe in. Your work sets an example to people starting out in activism, and your efforts are valued - so thank you.

Following the weekend's election we now have a majority of parliamentarians who:

  • support an inquiry into mental health
  • want to boost the minimum wage
  • support funding increases to government an state sector agencies to allow for wage increases
  • back women and their right to equal pay
  • agree we need to build state houses so those who need it can access healthy, affordable and secure rental housing

What we don’t yet have is a government!

Special votes, which make up some 15% of the overall votes won’t be published until 7 October (read how these votes might affect the final make up of parliament here ).

Right now, there is a lot of speculation about which political parties will form government.

PSA members have told us what their priorities are and our job is to advocate for them no matter what government we are working with.

MMP is designed to allow coalitions of parties to form governments, and there is no ‘rule’ that requires the party with the biggest vote to be part of that government. It might be that the 52nd Parliament demonstrates the full diversity of political representation envisaged by MMP, with a broad coalition of parties at the Cabinet table.

Whatever the final result, our focus will be to ensure PSA members' policy priorities remain front of mind for parliamentarians.

We’ll be seeking support for increased funding for public and community services, a mental health review, more funding for DHBs, greater investment in social housing, improved equal pay legislation, and the payment of the living wage as a minimum to all people working in and contracted by the public sector.

Our work as a union is now more important than ever, as we support incoming Ministers and new MPs to understand the complexity of our organisations and sectors and progress our members' goals.

We will keep in touch in the coming weeks,

In unity,

Erin and Glenn