PSA Delegate Achievement Awards

Recognising workplace delegates that show outstanding leadership above and beyond the expected duties of the role.

Paula Scholes

Paula Scholes

We’d like to take a moment to introduce the first of this year’s recipients – Paula Scholes, Jenny Goodman, and Jean Douglas – and celebrate their success with you.

Paula Scholes has led The Insitute of Enviromental Science and Research (ESR’s) team of delegates since the formation of the first Crown Research Institutes in the early nineties – back when ‘union’ was a dirty word in some circles.

Paula’s balanced approach at ESR helped all parties realise they’re all working towards the same goal. She is seen as a tenacious, but level headed, advocate who always makes time for people no matter how busy she is – even during a term as PSA President.

“It’s a real honour to receive this award because it’s been given to me by the members and delegates in my workplace – and for me the members are what unions are all about.  I really enjoy helping and supporting our members. Receiving this award in recognition of that has been the highlight of my union career,” says Paula.

Jenny Goodman

Jenny Goodman

Like Paula, Jenny Goodman is a long-standing PSA delegate. Jenny first joined the PSA in 1971, re-joining again in 2003. Since then she’s served on numerous committees, with a particular focus on supporting members in the Community Public Services sector.
Jenny is known for going the extra mile – especially when it comes to recruiting and welcoming new members. Her commitment to the various elected roles she holds, alongside her willingness to volunteer for others, often sees Jenny giving up her personal time to support others.

“I’ve been a delegate for ten years. I saw the community public service sector come into existence about six years ago and I’ve seen it grow into a major sector, now in excess of 6,000 members. I’m very encouraged by the excellent delegates I’ve seen come on board.”

“The fastest growing area of our population is those over 85 - and their needs are more complex. Yet the issues around guaranteed work conditions, and the uncertainty that creates, mean this is not a career path that attracts young people. If we can achieve greater recognition for our care workers here, it’s going to be a win-win for everyone.”

In addition to the PSA Delegates Achievement Award, Jenny was also a recipient of the Council of Trade Union’s inaugural Inspiring Women’s award.

Jean Douglas

Jean Douglas

Our third recipient for 2015 was Jean Douglas. Jean joined the PSA in 1996 and became known as a strong advocate for members and staff generally.

Jean served as a PSA delegate throughout her employment with the Rotorua District Council, up until her retirement in 2013. Jean served as convener and co-convener of the PSA Committee for many years.

Jean was credited by the Council’s HR manager for playing an "integral part in turning a hostile, non-trusting” relationship, into one where people “learnt to trust and value the gains their organiser, convenors and delegates worked hard to achieve for them.”

Congratulations Paula, Jenny and Jean. Your dedicated work continues to inspire others.