PSA factsheet: More effective social services report

The Productivity Commission, an independent Government body, released their report into More effective social services on September 15, 2015.

Social services report factsheet 1

PSA factsheet: More effective social services report

The Productivity Commission report can be viewed online.

The PSA has produced a factsheet to give a quick response to some of the recommendations in the report.

We also made an extensive submission to the draft report.

Main findings

  • That the system delivers reasonably well for the “mainstream” but is not working at all well for NZers who are “particularly disadvantaged”. The system struggles to deal with complex needs.
  • From a client’s perspective, government processes for delivering social services can seem confusing, fragmented, overly directed and unhelpful.
  • Commissioning of services involves more than just procurement or contracting out. It is a set of interrelated tasks undertaken as part of turning policy objectives into effective social services and we currently do not do it well.

Other findings of interest to PSA members

  • Government often pays less than full cost when contracting providers. This is unreasonable.
  • The services government agencies provide “in house” face too little testing of whether they achieve high standards and value for money.
  • The system often fails to create and share the information needed.
  • There is too much “top down control” of decision making around services.