PSA holds firm on psychometric testing

Legal action instigated by the PSA has seen Inland Revenue backdown on its plan to force employees to undergo psychometric testing.

The PSA has proceedings filed in the Employment Court seeking determinations that the requirement to undergo these assessments is unlawful.

The latest IR position - that staff refusing the tests could face non-appointment as a result - has also been challenged by the PSA.  

The PSA is welcoming Inland Revenue’s sensible decision to suspend the use of psychometric testing as part of its controversial Business Transformation restructure, but cautions that significant issues remain while a decision is awaited from the Employment Court.

PSA national secretary Erin Polaczuk says she is pleased IR has finally seen sense: “Psychometric testing is a blunt, expensive measure being used as a kind of Trojan horse to make whatever unilateral and arbitrary staffing decisions that senior managers want, hiding behind the guise of psychometric testing as grounds.

“Coercing employees into taking pseudoscientific and subjective tests is no way to prove their suitability or aptitude for a job,” says Erin Polaczuk.

Inland Revenue’s backdown reaffirms the collective voice of workers can and should have a significant say in matters that directly affect their roles.