PSA launches equal pay case for mental health workers

After being unfairly shut out of the equal pay care and support settlement, mental health workers are filing an equal pay claim of their own.

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Talofa, my name is Pollyanna Alo. I am a mental health support worker

On Monday 19 June, I helped file an equal pay case for all mental health support workers.

We ensure Kiwis gets the mental health support they need when they need it.

Last month, home support, disability support and aged care workers celebrated the $2 billion settlement of Kristine Bartlett’s case for equal pay. However, the Government refused to include 3,000 – 4,000 mental health support workers in the historic health and support worker equal pay deal.

Our job is performed predominantly by women. It's not easy work and it needs to be valued too.

From 1 July, we should be earning the same as other support workers.

We're already feeling the impact. Many support workers have left jobs they love because they are struggling on the minimum wage. There are gaps in rosters due to a shortage of staff. Other staff members have to work longer hours to cover the gaps which has an impact on our families. 

We need your help: Will you become an equal pay advocate?

Equal pay advocates are men and women who champion equal pay every day at work and at home.

As an equal pay advocate you will:

  • Talk to your workmates and ask them to join the union – the more members we have the stronger we are
  • Visit your local MP and tell them about your work and how you feel to be left out of the settlement
  • Talk with union delegates and organisers about planning activities for your area
  • Attend equal pay events and bring people with you.

Let's Stand Together to get equal pay for mental health support workers. Sign up to be an equal pay advocate today.

It’s not equal if it’s not for everyone.