PSA News - March 2017

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In-between travel - guaranteed hours

Summer competition

New Zealand Super

Working Life

PSA in your Workplace

Equal Pay

Jan Logie's Bill

Health Roadshow

Annual Members' Meetings

Keep Cadbury

Changes to PSA subscription rates

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In-between travel – guaranteed hours

At the moment PSA staff are holding meetings around the country with support workers about guaranteed hours. These meetings are the result of an agreement Unions, the Ministry of Health and employers reached last year, requiring support workers to be guaranteed hours according to what they usually work. If a client cancels, the support worker will be found work elsewhere, or be given a proper consultation period if this can’t be done. 

Union representatives have been working intensively to agree the details of how these guaranteed hours will be applied. This work has not been plain sailing, but finally home support workers will be offered guaranteed hours if they want them by 1 April.


Summer competition

Colouring competition winner

 Thanks so much to everyone who entered our summer colouring in competition! We had a wide range of colourful entries. We

 ended up awarding three entries to children and two to adults. Congratulations to Inshira Diwan and Alishba Diwan (joint prize), Cavalli KaeaGeorgia HendersonAnita Smith and Paul Taylor.All winners received a PSA prize pack that included a Picnic blanket, beach paddle ball set, beach towel, drink bottle and mini rugby ball.


New Zealand Super


Bill English recently made statements about raising the age of eligibility for New Zealand superannuation. We oppose raising the age above the current 65. It’s already difficult enough for New Zealanders to find decent work over 65 or are unable to work for various reasons. You can read our policy 



Working Life

PSA Working Life December

We’re at the printers with the first issue of Working Life for 2017!

While you wait, our December issue is online now. Relive some of our favourite moments of last year right now.

Read Working Life on the PSA website.



PSA in your office

PSA in your office

Consider the PSA's poster range for all your office decorating needs!

Can't print at work? Contact us at with which posters you're after and where you want them mailed to and we'll send them out at no cost.

Also check out our office resources page for plenty of useful templates you can use.

Other news

Equal Pay

Treat her Right

New Zealand has changed a lot since the 1970s. It’s not socially accepted, or lawful, to smoke in shops (or workplaces!), wearing seatbelts in cars is totally ingrained behaviour and we’d never think to burn our household rubbish in the backyard. All these social changes have been supported by law changes. Yet the Equal Pay Act was passed in 1972 and we still have a gender pay imbalance – in 2017 there is still a difference in what men and women are paid.

Treat Her Right Video

Thousands of kiwis have already signed the pledge for equal pay. Add your name and your voice to equal pay for New Zealand women.


Jan Logie’s Bill

Standing together for Women

Today is international Women’s Day, and the reading of Green MP Jan Logie’s Domestic Violence—Victims’ Protection Bill. After significant pressure, yesterday National MP Amy Adams agreed the issues are worth discussing. We are hopeful this means that the Bill will have the support it needs to get through its first reading this evening. Read our release here.

Information on supporting victims of family violence

You can access more resources at the It’s Not OK website.


The Health roadshow is visiting a town near you.

Yes We Care

The Yes We Care campaign ( launched in earnest this week with the release of the workforce survey results. 9 in 10 people who work in health felt the health care system was under-staffed and under-resourced. The survey of health staff included respondents from the PSA, First Union paramedics, the New Zealand Nurses Organisation, healthcare and hospital support staff from and E tū.

Health staff said funding was affecting access to healthcare, and said their workloads and work pressures were not reasonable. 

Having launched big, the focus now moves to the nationwide roadshow to building momentum through local support. We are having events around the country and we could use your help.

Find an event near you.


Annual Members' MeetingsPSA Delegate team

It’s that time of year again! PSA Annual Members’ Meetings are happening near you. Every member should attend one meeting associated with their workplace. This is a chance for you to have your say about the PSA, and get an update on what’s happening for you.

This year is a delegate election year. Being a delegate is a hugely rewarding experience - you represent your colleagues not just at work, but also within the PSA governance structures. If you’re interested in becoming a delegate, talk to your current delegates about the process at your workplace.


Keep Cadbury

Cadbury in Dunedin

For over 80 years Cadbury has been a part of Dunedin's culture. More than 400 people work there and that helps their families and their communities, and dozens of Dunedin businesses.

And it's good for Cadbury too - they're doing well out of it.

But Cadbury’s parent company, Mondelez International, wants to make more by shifting this factory out of New Zealand. They get a bit more money but everyone else loses a lot.

For Mondelez this is about profit. Plain and simple. But they need people like us to make that profit. And if enough of us tell their Director of Manufacturing ANZ Jason Bonisoli that leaving Dunedin is a deal-breaker, they'll have to listen.

Let’s show them that all Kiwis stand together with Cadbury workers.

Sign the open letter.


Changes to PSA subscription rates

The elected PSA Executive Board considers membership fees every second year, in accordance with rules set by PSA Congress. In October, the Board made a decision following consultation with sectors, networks and Te Rūnanga o Ngā Toa Āwhina. The decision is that fees will increase by 15 cents (for the lowest pay band), 35 cents (for the middle band) and 75 cents (for those earning above the Living Wage) per fortnight.

The fee change came into effect on 1 March 2017. Most members will not need to do anything as this change will automatically occur. If you pay by automatic payment (not direct debit or payroll deduction) our Membership team will be in contact to arrange the necessary changes.


Change your details and join networks online at MyPSA

Do you know you can update your details, access your collective agreement, find out who your delegate is and get news about your sector or network online? All this and more are available on MyPSA, our personalised service for PSA members.