PSA Waitemata DHB update - March 2015

Newsletter for PSA union members at Waitemata DHB.

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We’re ready for tough bargaining in 2015

Government funding, workloads, fair pay rise, key issues for delegates

Delegates met late last year to discuss our priorities for 2015. They want to focus on workloads, a fair pay rise, better union communication, and to help free up organisers to focus on these issues. Organisers are getting bombarded with tonnes of issues created by WDHB tightening its belt. Everyone recognised these issues are caused by underfunding and we’ll have to act to make change. Are you ready?


Allied & Nursing claims meetings: Have your say

We’re running claims meetings up until March 20. Make sure you attend one of our meetings (posters available). All delegates have been invited to an Auckland region delegate meeting on March 3 to discuss negotiations.

Clerical bargaining 2014

We had planned on reporting back in March but bargaining has been delayed. We’re running an Auckland region delegates meeting on March 11 and will arrange member meetings for April.

Review of Director of Allied Health, Scientific and Technical role

WDHB is reviewing the Director of Allied Health role. Read the latest WDHB updateConsultation meeting are being held and we encourage you all to attend and raise the union's concerns with the process.

Clerical < 2 hour sick leave change

The DHB is now deducting annual leave for clerical staff who go to a medical appointment for less than two hours when they aren’t sick. We didn’t agree with this, however contractually it is grey because clause 14.7 applies to being sick. Clerical staff go out of their way for the DHB, the DHB should too. We warned them staff may just get around this by saying they’re sick, leave near the end of the day and not give notice. The whole point of this clause was to help managers plan and be compassionate.

Allied Designated Positions get CASP

Management recently circulated a memo saying Allied Designated Positions couldn’t access CASP.  This is incorrect and has been resolved.  We’re still waiting for a correction memo.


Kind regards,


Brendon Lane

PSA Organiser for Waitemata DHB


Simon Oosterman

PSA Organiser for Waitemata DHB