PSA women leaders speak to select committee

A strong delegation of PSA members turned up from around Wellington to voice their support for equal pay.

This morning we spoke to members of the Transport and Industrial Relations select committee about our recent 10,000+ strong petition calling on the government to adopt the equal pay principals laid out by the Joint Working Group.

The agreed principals were announced in May with no word from the government whether they will accept them. Today we told the select committee we don't want any further delay to the implementation of equal pay, which is a human right.

Too many New Zealand women and their families are facing poverty because of gender pay discrimination. The tools to combat this injustice are in the government's hands, we need leadership and action to make this significant change happen.

Thanks to Virginia Wilton, Convenor of the Women's network, Jenny Goodman, convenor of the  and to Erin Polaczkuk, our national secretary for speaking.

Equal pay 100 Mana Taurite. We're worth 100%.