PSA Youth and MPs on the Future of Work

The future of work was a theme of the August PSAY Leaders Hui, and we dedicated quality time to this topic.

Green MP Denise Roche and Labour MP Iain Lees-Galloway

Green MP Denise Roche and Labour MP Iain Lees-Galloway

We heard about trends in the future of work, broke into groups to discuss the future of work in the different PSA sectors, and considered PSAY’s role in influencing the future of work.

We had two hours with Labour MP Iain Lees-Galloway and Green MP Denise Roche. Iain talked about Labour’s Future of Work Commission , which was created to build a better understanding of the changing nature of work, and develop policy to respond. With our hui based in Huntly and the announcement the day prior that the coal-fired Huntly Power Station would be closing down, the timing was right for Denise to talk about the Green Party’s work on just transitions (supporting workers as the nature of energy generation changes).

PSAY members did most of the talking in the session with MPs, presenting their concerns and ideas in regards to the future of work. Topics discussed included underfunding, contracting out, insecure work, technological change, training and the targeting of public servants.

Iain and Denise asked a number of questions of members, and expressed how useful this information would be in their policy development. They invited us to keep in touch, and provide further input on this work.

Denise/Greens – Denise invited PSAY to continue the conversation with her, and we will be arranging a follow up meeting.  Denise explained that a good way to influence Green Party policy is to share your ideas with a Green Party member, who drive policy development within the party.

Iain/Labour – Iain explained that with the creation of the Future of Work Commission, now is a great time to influence Labour’s work and policy in this area. Iain said he and his colleagues would be keen to discuss further with PSAY representatives and members. He suggested that members contact their local MP. He also invited members to submit their ideas to the Future of Work commission. You can find info on how to do so on the Future of Work Commission website.

PSAY will be writing a collective submission. If you’d like to be part of a group of PSAY members developing this, please email - we’d love your input!

But what about political neutrality? You are entitled to hold and share your views – just make it clear you’re doing so as a PSA member or member of the public.