PSA Youth collaboration with Sector Committees

In February and March, PSAY National Convenor Joseph Murray-Cullen and PSAY Youth Organiser Susannah Bailey met with each of the PSA sector committees to discuss the PSA Youth plans for 2015, and how we can work more closely with the sectors to achieve network and sector goals.

There are five sectors: district health boards, community public services, local government, the public service, and the state sector, each represented by a committee of delegates.  Sector committees are central to the PSA’s democratic structure. They determine the priority PSA work for each sector and provide the connection between members in enterprises and the executive board. 

Our meetings went really well!  Sector committees are very supportive of youth, and keen to see young members active in the union, raising issues, and making suggestions about different ways of doing things. We identified a range of ways for the PSAY and sector committees to work more closely together in future to support youth.  Ideas that were raised (and that we plan to discuss further) include:

  • PSAY members becoming delegates and standing for national delegate committee and sector committee positions
  • PSAY members observing sector committee meetings and Board meetings
  • Youth-specific roles on sector committees
  • Sector representatives speaking at PSAY events
  • Encouraging young members to raise bargaining issues and be on bargaining teams
  • Sector committee delegates encouraging discussion about barriers to youth involvement
  • Thinking of different ways to gather feedback including via social media, surveys and smaller group discussions
  • Jointly developing model collective agreement clauses on youth issues to take to bargaining
  • Mentoring and support for young workers that want to get active
  • More active communication of opportunities to young members

We will keep you in the loop on progress.  In the meantime there are lots of opportunities to get involved.