PSA Youth conference AWESOME

The PSA Youth Conference took place on 18 and 19 November. It was a really fabulous couple of days with loads of energy, engagement, ideas, and members keen to get more involved.

There were loads of great speakers and some seriously inspiring group work.  Groups put their mind to PSA Youth’s role in the election campaign next year, blue sky ideas for how to transform our union, and formed regional action groups to lead activities in their regions. 

Members led eight participant-led workshops on topics as diverse as multicultural diversity in the workplace, unions and climate change, child poverty, insecure work, LGBTI youth, Irlens syndrome and disability in the workplace, unions as an independent voice, and challenging neoliberalism. 
You can check out loads of pics, videos and comments on Facebook  and you the many conference-related tweets

For more information on the conference including links to the various presentations, check out our website here.  Also, check out pages 18-19 of the December PSA Journal for a feature on conference!