PSA Youth Leadership Expressions of Interest

We are looking for three new PSA Youth convenors based in the North Island.

Leadership opportunity: PSA Youth Convenor vacancies

We are calling for expressions of interest for three PSA Youth convenor roles – Auckland Convenor, Wellington Convenor, and North Island Provincial Convenor. The term is until mid-2019. The convenors that were in these roles have had to leave over the last few months – Andrei Gilbert (Wellington Convenor) has been seconded into an HR role, Mahesh Khupse (Auckland Convenor) is taking on a new role as well as a new baby, and Liam Russell (NI Provincial Convenor) has left IRD for a job in the private sector (Exciting news for them all but sad for us!). All three convenors are keen to stay involved in different ways.

The other members of the Convenor team are Daniel Freeman-McGrath (National Co-convenor), Megan Barry (National Co-convenor), Mo Abdi (Christchurch convenor) and Jacqueline Aitkinson (SI Provincial convenor).

The North Island Provincial Convenor needs to be based in the North Island outside of the main centres where we have elected convenors (Auckland, Wellington).

Probably stating the obvious, but the Wellington Convenor needs to be based in Wellington and Auckland Convenor in Auckland! :)

Please read the convenor role description to get a sense of responsibilities and the time commitment. It is best if you have had some involvement in PSA Youth (and have a sense of what we do) prior to stepping up to a convenor role.

If you are interested, or think you might be interested in one of these roles and need more information, please contact PSA Youth organiser Lauren Hourigan on or contact one of the current or outgoing convenors (details in the sidebar).

If you decide you are interested in a role, you will need to complete an expression of interest form (at the bottom of the document), and get two PSA members to support your nomination and please email to

Where there are more nominees than roles, an election will take place, with all PSA Youth members in the region invited to vote. We will share your EOI forms with members.

Expressions of interest close on Friday 28 September.

If you are not ready to step up into the Convenor role, there are still plenty of ways to be involved. Please contact your regional convenor in the side bar for details.

Thank you to Liam, Andrei and Mahesh for the time and energy you have dedicated to PSAY over the last year.