PSA Youth Leadership Training a success!

Last month PSA Youth ran Youth Leadership Training in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch.

Wellington PSA Youth Leadership TrainingThe training was an opportunity for members to think about different types of leadership, their leadership aspirations, and consider leadership opportunities within the union. 

Wellington PSA Youth Leadership Training

Attendance at the training was amazing.  We only intended to have 100 members across the four trainings.  We accepted more than 100 from the 396 who expressed an interest, expecting some to not be able to make it, however virtually everyone was released from work and made it on the day, so we ended up with 115 participants and some packed out rooms!  It was great to work with such an engaged and enthusiastic group of workplace, community and union leaders. 

A highlight for many participants was hearing from new PSA national secretary Erin Polaczuk.  Erin talked about her journey as a young union leader and shared some leadership tips.  These tips include taking on opportunities even if you don’t feel 100% confident in them, finding a good mentor, and learning from criticism but keeping the negative in perspective.  Erin noted that unions provide many excellent opportunities for leadership and skills development, without many of the blocks you may find in the workplace (we are always looking for and encouraging new leadership!).  

Christchurch PSA Youth Leadership Training

Christchurch PSA Youth Leadership Training

The level of interest in the youth leadership training was eye-opening for us, and highlighted that this may be an unmet need for many members.  We will continue to organise leadership training at least annually, however the PSA won’t be able to train every young member, and the scope of our training is limited due to time restraints.  If you are interested in leadership training we recommend raising this in your workplace and discussing how this need could be met.