PSA Youth National Conference

What an inspiring, well-organised and fun conference we had! ‘We’ are around 50 young people working in public services around the country, who are motivated to discuss our workplaces and NZ’s economy and society; young people who are keen to share experiences and to learn from each other.

We are concerned and this is why we are committed to contribute to change. This is why we came together!

Two days were filled with a busy agenda in which we learned about our union history, new politics and the movement of movements. We heard about PSA’s strategic direction and possibilities of participation and engagement.

Famous Martyn ‘Bomber’ Bradbury enlightened us with his straightforward, thought-provoking and sometimes cynical insights whereas the panel of young political leaders showed us how to exercise diplomacy prior to the elections rather than to take on a political battle of ideas.

Top leaders of NZ’s trade union movement told us how crucial we are for NZ’s future and the re-vitalisation of the union movement.

Engaging with each other was as simple as gulping down the first drink at the end of an eventful day one of the conference. I felt so good being part of a creative bunch of people who share similar values and who see and criticise injustices in everyday life. It is not all rosy – especially not for young people! But it is equally not all bad because we are not on our own and together we can make things happen.

Energy and enthusiasm is what you would have felt if you were at the conference!

If you want to become active about individual issues in your workplace or with regards to wider social and economic injustices, get in touch!

Re-framing justice, solidarity and equality should not happen without you.