PSA Youth remits to congress

The PSA's national congress is 23-24 September. This is a biannual event where PSA delegates from across the country get together to make decisions about PSA rules and priorities, and to elect the PSA president.

At present, PSA Youth along with other formal networks of the PSA, can select one representative to attend as an observer, without voting rights.  Temira Rissetto from the Ministry of Justice in Auckland will be attending as the PSA Youth representative.  Eighteen other PSA Youth members are attending as representatives of their sectors, with voting rights. 

In April, following consultation with members, PSAYouth submitted three remits to be considered at congress.  Remits are items that members seek endorsement from Congress on, including rule changes.  Our remits are:

Transitional membership
A rule change to provide free “transitional membership” for up to 3 months for PSA members who leave their employment, until they resume employment.

Student membership
A rule change to permanently provide free student membership of the PSA to full-time students studying towards work in the public or community sectors.

Representation and voting rights of networks at Congress
A joint remit from the four formal networks seeking a rule change to provide each network with three representatives at Congress with full voting rights.

You can view all remits to be considered at Congress, along with more detailed explanations, here.

Your network representative at congress would like to hear any feedback you may have on these, or any other remits to congress, so that she can advocate on your behalf.

You can get in touch by emailing 

You can also get in touch with your sector representatives, who have voting rights.

You can get messages to your representative by emailing