PSAY perspective on Local Government National Conference 3-4 Nov

Report from PSAY member and Local Government Sector Committee rep Eleanor Haggerty-Drummond

The PSA Local Government Conference was a really stimulating experience and my first official engagement as Local Government Sector representative for the Wellington region.

Over the course of the two days in Wellington, around 60 participants heard from Wellington mayor Celia Wade-Brown, Local Government minister Paula Bennett and Local Government spokespeople for the Greens and Labour, Jan Logie and Su’a William Sio respectively. It was fascinating to hear their insights into the goings on of the sector and their visions for the future of Local Government.

Topics discussed included: innovations in infrastructure in the areas of Water and Transport, the importance of local, community-based democracy in decision-making and Wellington City Council’s experiences with implementing the Living Wage.

Talking to other participants at the conference, I was struck by the positive feedback about PSA Youth’s role in the wider union. Members think the network is doing particularly well in our activism and involvement in campaigns as well as encouraging PSAY members to take up leadership positions in the PSA, and getting great results.

If you’d like to find out more about what’s going on in your sector, I’d encourage you to fill in an EOI for your sector conference next time they roll around. It’s a great chance to meet new people and really get to grips with the issues facing different areas of our union.