Public service women are worth 100%

Because of the 14.1% pay gap between men and women in the public sector, from May 11 to June 30 public service women are working for free for the government.

This May 11 we marked the day public service women start working for free for the government. The pay gap is still present in the lives of women.

PSA national secretary Erin Polaczuk presented an invoice outside Treasury for $294,827,136.00, the amount of money public service women are missing out on this year.

Erin retouchedYou can read Erin's Op Ed here, originally published in the Dominion post on May 11.

Sharan Burrow, International Secretary of ITUC was kind enough to lend her limited time in Wellington to attend Working For Free Day. She gave a great speech about the importance of valuing women's work, both within the public sector and within unions.

Watch a video of the demonstration here: