Putting your agenda first

The election is over, but our campaign effort is not. This term, the addition of New Zealand First to the Government will bring new opportunities to progress pro-worker, pro-public service reforms.

 The PSA is energised and ready to take your agenda to the newly elected government.

You can read a schedule of New Zealand First polices of interest to PSA members here.

The clear swing in support in the final weeks of the election campaign towards parties committed to better public and community services has seen New Zealanders elect a majority of parliamentarians willing to tackle the issues our union champions.

Unfortunately not all of those MPs will be in Government – so we need to keep up our campaigns and stand in solidarity with people who will take our causes forward.

The next 100 days will be a pivotal time for our strategic agenda this term. As the largest union in New Zealand, we want to ensure we put our best foot forward advocating the priorities of working people to government.

This month, we need your support to rally as many new members as possible to get behind our campaigns on equal pay, stronger community and public services and better funded healthcare.

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