Regional conference tour a success!

Over the last month, we have been holding regional conferences across the county. Focusing on the general election, these conferences enabled members to hear about the PSA's and the CTU's campaign and how they can get involved!

As part of these conferences many election issues were bought to the table including: employment, housing, the restructuring of the Public Service and the Christchurch earthquake. Panels, featuring MPs from across the political spectrum, spoke in depth about these issues and the potential solutions.

Each region was set a task of creating their own campaign during the election to run alongside “get out and vote”. It included ideas like: engaging workmates and family to vote, campaigning with other organisations e.g. Universities and Generation Zero, and becoming an election volunteer to help co-ordinate others.

If you are interested in being involved in your regional action group around the election campaign please get in touch with your local convenor, detailed on the sidebar.

Check out Facebook albums for some snaps. You might spot yourself or someone your know.