Report back from PSA Youth at CTU Women’s Conference 10-11 July

By Chantalle and Dione, PSAY representatives at the CTU Women's Conference.

Wil Stracke 1The CTU women’s conference was fantastic. It was great to see so many women all together and passionate about similar causes, which was good considering the theme for the 2 days was ‘Inspiring women’.

One talk which really stood out was one of the keynote speakers, Wil Stracke. Her speech around the campaign that sparked the debate in Australia about equal pay for work of equal value was so powerful, and she was able to get everyone motivated in the room.

If there is one thing I will remember about this talk it is that every campaign needs a t-shirt. Every time Wil showed a new angle for their campaign, they had another new t-shirt. The second awesome thing about their campaign was the flash mob they would perform. There is even a video on YouTube (as you will see they all had to have the campaign t-shirt on). And of course the campaign helped in the end, as aged care workers got what they were fighting for.

Because of this some people even got a 40% wage increase to bring them up to equal value.

If anyone has ever been interested in going along to any union conferences, we highly recommend it! Next time you see a request for expressions of interest come out, take advantage of it.