Take a stand against insecure work – make a submission.

The government has introduced another Bill to change our employment laws.

It's horrible to be in a job with uncertain hours, trying to pay your rent. Zero hours can mean no certainty of work from week to week. The stress of having bills for childcare, for power, for food, and no way of knowing if you'll have enough work to cover it all.

The government promised that it would put an end to zero hours contracts, but instead it has introduced a new Bill that looks like it's set to lock zero hours in.

Everyone deserves to have steady work for their lives and their families. We all deserve to know when we'll be at work and when we'll be home, so we can plan our lives. That's why we want the government to take real action against zero hours.

Make a submission

You can make a difference by making a submission on the Bill. Submissions go to the Select Committee, who review them and can decide whether to make changes to the Bill.

We’ve built an online submission form to make it easy for you to have your say. Simply follow the link and check the boxes next to the sections you want to include in your submission.

Make a submission now

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We’ve put together a fact sheet about this, you can download it here (PDF, 160KB).

If you’re interested in making a personal submission, please contact us at zerohours@psa.org.nz